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  1. To make money ! pretty obvious really . Face it property is selling!
  2. Read again ! "WHO RISK LOSING THEIR PROPERTY" not have lost their property!
  3. Ive been on this forum and others, isnt is about time you gave up your "Dreams" and got on the ladder . Some of those well know names have been coming on here since this site started . How much longer are you going to wait and pay off someone elses mortgage before you see sense.There is never going to be a House price crash . Who is the longest bear who has been coming on this site and waiting for a HPC (which is quite frankly as rare as hens teeth) Please let me know how long you have been renting and for how long ..... Bulls are few and far between due to being correct - thats why we get banned !
  4. I think your both talking out of your Rectums regarding Middlesborough.Houses in this region are selling no sign of any drop .
  5. Need i say more - so whens the big HPC then? 'First house price rise in 18 months' By Philip Thornton, Economics Correspondent Published: 18 October 2005 [ Please insert Link Only not copyright articles ] [ You Do It Like This ]
  6. what about; ( to good king wenslas) The rich landlord last looked out of my bedsit window. On the gutter he threw me out because i was a renter tra la la la la tra la la la laa lalalala la.
  7. I do have a profit i have sold.I have reinvested in another property yes.If house prices fall seriously which is all "ifs" , it will NOT go lower than the price i have "actually" paid.I do know this i invest money wisely.Very very few of these properties ever come on the market.If i were to market which i have no intention of selling, though i have had an offer.
  8. Interesting article i know you bears will disagree however we are talking 2025 so in 20 years time it will happen.In other words anyone on the ladder now has a very good investment any one not should get on. houseprices will double Im sure you will leave your comments
  9. Face it , like i said if i sold now i would make a huge profit!Transactions costs taken from it i would still make a huge profit!.This is a much saught after location properties rarely come on the market in this location.You do not know the location nor the area so cannot comment.There are bargains to be had out there just because you cant find one nor have the inclination dont think everyone is looser like yourself.
  10. Really ! Houses are valued of what they are worth in the Current market ! Not ridiculously high but the current market - simple. Yes house prices are higher than a few years ago however there are very good bargains out there to be had like it or not.The property i have just bought , which i bought at a very good price will never be lower than my purchase price.The reason for this is work needs doing to it.The work is cosmetic however all the way through due to dirty renters.The renters have done me a huge favour as i have bought for 50k under asking price.Now i am not gulible like you bears seem to think home buyers are! We all check land registry before we buy.We all know what other similiar properties have sold for! So with the huge profit i made from the sale of my old house ( which i sold last month full asking price) I have now got a huge house for a damn good price with a profit it on it all ready. No doubt you will leave pedantic comments etc but the end of the day - i have my own property , in the best location in my town.I dont put others down for buying nor am i bitter because i missed the boat like ooh so many renters.
  11. So youve been renting a year how much have you thrown down the drain?? After a year still no HPC - are you not fed up waiting for an imaginary dream to materialize ??
  12. You sound like a true nervous renter to me! Imagine all that rent money going down the drain waiting , wishing dreaming of a HPC.Putting your life on hold with no security and paying another persons morgage off is not clever is it? More to the point all the above as you say will that apply to You and all the rest of the bears if they ever become home owners?
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