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  1. Thought i should let those of you who replied know that i asked and got a fair amount off the asking price as a result of this SC error to compensate me for extra that i will now have to pay. Thanks for your advice!
  2. Thanks to those who have taken the time to reply so far. The seller is a private individual and will have nothing to do with the building once they leave. It was actually me who noticed the discrepancy in the contract and when I queried this with my solicitor, the response was to just 'accept it'. I just feel that I shouldn't be the one to feel stressed about this - it should be the vendor as it was their mistake and I should be within my rights to perhaps ask for more off the asking price. I would really appreciate any other thoughts on this!
  3. I was just about to exchange contracts on a flat when I noticed that the service charge and ground rent that had been quoted previously for a year on the website and brochure was now only for 6 months. When viewing the property, I had queried the service charge as it had seemed a little low but the estate agent checked with the vendor and it was confirmed. I made an offer and have only now discovered, 3 months down the line and about to sign the contract, that this charge will now be double what I was expecting. I have spoken to the EA and he was surprised as I was - he has sent me the initial documents from the seller where they had written down the service charge and ground rent per annum, but was infact only for 6 months - surely they knew that?! I'm not too sure what to do now as I feel I have been misled, but still want the property. Should I ask for money off the agreed selling price to cover these extra costs? Did the seller do this on purpose to make the flat look more attractive??
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