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  1. Financial decisions are very easy in hindsight, do NOT make the mistake of thinking you're smart, you're just lucky. Now go play with the traffic.
  2. He/She could well be a 10 yr old. Your post perfectly describes a troll, and IMHO TTRTR is just that - a troll. I'd advise posters to stick him/her on ignore, his/her posts are just not worth the effort anymore.
  3. Oops! Got to go. Thanks gents it's been fun. Will try to pick up replies later
  4. Time management isn't really my problem, you pay enough for a good Exec. PA and it's never a problem. But perhaps if you could point out how I could spend more of my time here posting and less of my time involved in meetings or continuing to build and maintain my business contacts, that'd be a help. I can see your obvious knowlege and experience shining through in your post, so, perhaps for a start, you could share your wisdom on how you would go about maintaining a close working relationship with a CBP or client without meeting them once a month. And maybe you could explain how I could build
  5. Not really, I know because I really am and my marriage suffered as a result. Success is like a drug, you always need more and you have to work harder each time to get the same buzz. I was around way before you even arrived on the last forum. The trouble is that in order to maintain my level of lifestyle you really have to work hard. I've has the time to made about 20 posts since I arrived on this new forum, you've made over 3000 posts. That level of posts would normally suggest you're either unemployed or in a career relating to low level IT. If you'd only share your secret of how you've m
  6. I actually chose not to ignore TTRTR and view this thread because of it's rapid growth in length - now I wish I hadn't. TTRTR is an odd one as his attitudes and the way he does business just don't reflect any of the directors or professional BTLers that I know in any way. For one thing he has n the past spent far to much time on here posting. He seems to be purely hear to goad bears - no more no less. If you wish to be taken in by a con-artist then TTRTRs the man (or possibly woman). The chances of him owning a property, let alone multiple BTL properties, is (IMHO) very, very slim. He's a
  7. One possible side effect is already being seen by a few directors of recruitment companies I know. They are seeing a marked drop in applications for jobs in london, particularly where the prospective employee does not currently live in the capital (eg. graduates, overseas). They also inform me that they expect to see a rise in some salaries in the capital for certain areas and job types in an effort to attract in the right candidates. So one possible side effect - wage inflation in certain areas and job types in the capital. Whether this will be purely temporary will rest on whether this tur
  8. This is why I like this site and keep visiting, Real Time Crash Stories. Sorry, willing, but I have no simpathy for your friends. They've played the game for too long, got greedy and are now about to lose their shirts.
  9. The number of price reductions means nothing, what matters are the percentage of price reductions! For example, if month 1 had 100 price reductions out of 200 properties listed, and month 2 had 1000 price reductions out of 20000 properties listed. (i) if you looked at reductions alone you'd say 'wow what a crash, the amount of reductions has risen from 100 to 1000 in a month! Thats a 10x increase!!!' (ii) however, your smarter observer would see that in actual fact the market was recovering as the PERCENTAGE of reductions had gone down from 50% to 5% of all properties If you look at the Wi
  10. Excellent work, but. . . . ..... . . . what does it tell us that we don't know already? Let's face it we know: 1. there are more houses on the market 2. They're not selling so fast 3. Vendors are stubbornly refusing to shift asking prices These graphs just confirm what we already know! Hope you diidn't spend too long compiling them. . . .
  11. I am starting to take most of these sorts of postings by bulls with a whole mountain of salt now rather than the usual teaspoon. As continuing price falls become a reality, bulls seem to make more and more questionable or desperate posts. Yet, it would seem that even they are aflicted with the knowlege that the jig is up, even if only subconsiously at the moment ( see the KOTC's Ironic Avatar post in the Off-Topic section.)
  12. Wow Charlie your standards for a "child prodegy" aren't very high are they Guess that make my 10 yr old a genius, he can draw and talk as well!
  13. Wow! It might not have worked in the way you were expecting JD, but your thread does seem to have worked! I don't think I've yet seen KOTC post in such a mild, reasonable and non-trollish manner! Come on KOTC doesn't it feel good not to constantly post trollish rubbish? Long may it last although I won't be holding my breath!!
  14. I thought you were a successful businessman? 3 or 5 yrs are the generally accepted periods for a return position for this market group! You know, that thing you need to get city finance called CRP: were you snoozing all the way through the 90s? well theres my answer. Repeat it four times, click your little red shoes together and hey presto, you might not be in Kansas anymore! Let me know when you get back from fantasy land Its been fun and enlightening, thanks everyone!
  15. Both, the straw that does not bow to the business wind breaks. This is not the movies, mavericks aren't successful on a regualr basis. None of us choose the path as you put it, we simply try to decide the general direction its taking, avoid the obsticles and make milage where we can. The market sets the path, the most successful of us deduce how to walk it in the quickest time. Well who knows you might be right, but I do this for a living and I'm good at it. Only time will tell, but so far all the pointers are off and BTL just isn't as profitable as it was. So I'll allow myself to feel a li
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