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  1. Relax....stop foaming at the mouth. Freestyle is the generic brand name for Standard Life Bank's mortgage range, not some new product. Are you certain about the 10% deposit? I always thought it was 15% for SLB, and that's completely in line with the industry.
  2. Er, no actually. Remember the annual limits for ISA's? It'd take a lifetime to put that much cash into an ISA.
  3. Yes, because as sh1t as this is, they are more affected personally by the former than the latter.
  4. Surely you must have been expecting some volatility from a new IPO?
  5. Finspreads? Aaaagh, they really are sperm of the devil, those guys. The number of rejected trades and requotes is insane, to say nothing of the very suspicious downtime on the system around significant announcements (interest rates, etc). Opened an account with Capital Spreads and never looked back!
  6. Erm, regardless of GMT or BST, it always has, and always will be FIVE hours between east coast America and UK time. Bloomberg says the data is out at 08:30 ET in the US, which means that it will be out here at 13:30......simple maths......
  7. But where will he buy? I once heard it said that if the Earth's resources were truly distributed fairly (ie perfect Marxist state), it could support a population of 144 billion! There is no shortage of resources to build houses (though there may be a water shortage and transport glut in some places), just greed and fear holding the market up. Your son may have to wait a long time, perhaps a decade, if he really wants to time this monstrous market right.
  8. The man has a point - it's virtually dead centre of England & Wales.
  9. And as a result, the sheeple will sh!t themselves when their fixed rate ends and their repayments double! This is going to be the biggest economic bust in history. To look at it another way, the great depression began with a stock market crash, but there was far less cash swilling about then, and much less direct speculation. Could a property crash have the same effect, in conjunction with equally global credit-fueeled booms? They also had a decent manufacturing sector to fall back on back then, which we don't even have now. This crash will be legendary - your grandkids will get bored of hearing of it when you retell it 40 years from now!
  10. What about doing like others have done, and go by night to the houses of parliament. Project the HPC url on the side of the building with a spotlight - that would soon get us noticed!
  11. Relax - they raised the rates for new potential customers, not existing ones!!!
  12. So what you're saying is that property prices will never dip again, ever? Forget for a moment the emotional infuriating consequences of this ridiculous bubble. Why on earth should the last hundred years of economic data be turned on its ear, and suddenly the housing market (and the wider economy) stop moving the way it always has done? Even the mass head-burying-in-the-sand of an entire nation can't stop the market crashing if it really wants to - that's the beauty of markets - pure herd mentality. Edited for spelling.
  13. So, what exactly would happen if US interest rates actually did go as high as 5.5%, as some analysts expect, while sterling sits at 4.5%, while the government, like the emperor's new clothes, stubbornly refuses to even acknowledge that inflation is getting ever more rampant?
  14. I'mn afraid that's nonsense. Cheap greenbelt land that will never, ever get planning permission can be had for as little as £10,000. Land that you can actually build on is very pricey indeed, much like houses currently. If you don't believe me, look at www.rightmove.co.uk and search for land on their site. But yes, the construction is bloody expensive too.
  15. The same monkeys, no doubt who bleat to the Revenue that 'they didn't know' when they're caught for not paying Capital Gains Tax on BTL sale profits. Goons.....
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