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    Last time I was living in IOM, I was at boarding school (KWC) I did look at a health related job in the Island a few years a go but price of property was too high and nor good value. Stayed in N Wales where the money goes a lot further Sorry it's OT
  2. I watched this programme. It was Ok in the beginning and made a lot of sense. The prediciton for the future was the scarry aspect but it was pure speculation I have a holiday home in S ireland and I for one will not be rushing out to sell it. I personally feel there is still a lot of optimism around but granted, the prices must steady off somewhere. This programme should be seen in the context of a forthcomming general elecetion In S ireland and the only real thing that has people worried at the momemt is the amount of stamp duty to be paid. This has caused widespread debate and until the election has been sorted and a mini budget introduced, I feel that people are simply delaying their next house move/purchase. FWIW, when I bought my property, as it was my first in s ireland, I paid no stamp duty. Incidenatlly I pay NO poll tax and NO water rates. Income tax is lower than the UK and the only reason i am not going to live over their at present is because I work in the NHS and have a valuable final salary pension scheme. I do plan to retire over in S ireland as the benefits for the retired far outweigh those of the UK and despite colleagues/family buying property in Turkey/Spain stc, you are not that far from "home" should the need arise. I am still amazed at the number of people that go and live abroad and return home a few years later citing homesickness/ medical care. Bit of a rant really, not meant to be but I though you would appreciate the perspective of someone with prop connection in Ireland ps when I was over at Easter hols, there were still LOADS of jobs availble. In fact my daughter who qualified over in Manchester as a Midwife can't get a job over here. She went to the local hospital (Wexford General) on my instigation to look at the notice board for jobs. After waiting for half an hour for her, she came out beaming; she'd had a cup of coffee with the staff in the maternity dept and been offered a job (subject to garda checks etc) And finally on a different note but 1 or 2 of you may be interetsed, I took out a data card contract in Ireland on the Three network. Compared to the UK, I pay £25/month and get 3 GB data access (rememeber 3 let you use this in UK and other countries where 3 operate for no extra chargea as part of your monthly allowance) . In th UK I would only get 1GB for £40/month. Take care and remembr, it's only money
  3. FWIW I had a purpose built flat I was selling (West Didsbury area) in the summer. I had an offer but the other party used so many delaying tactics that I decided to pull out and re let. This I have done and I feel I the right thing. It's a 1 bed flat with a gagrage but I felt the EA (although his commission was cheap at 0.75%) was not really working in my interest. Rent more than covers costs, i'm happy and so is the tenant. (and befor eyou ask it is a modest 1 bed and i was asking £105,000. I will wait till the market improves - -saves me the CGT anyway! paul
  4. Dental Degree (Manchester 1978) Several Memberships from Royal Colleges Working as Specialist in NHS Trust Ham radio Licence (GW4AMZ) Grade 5 Piano Grade 1 Violin (Would do it all again - -enjoy the job) Agree with gone west - -can't stand dealing with tenants...most are OK but the odd one that causes hassle - -real pains in the a** any other dentists on the site?
  5. For the last 10 + years the Celtic tiger has been roaring along in Ireland. Despite a smaller economy, smaller population than UK, little maunfacturing cf UK, prices keep rising with no negative voices form the financial papers, journo's etc. Most people their continue to be optimistic and never discuss the possibility of prices going south. What do they have that we in the Uk don't have? is it the Euro?, is it low interest rates?, is it etenral optimism? I just wish I knew what it was. Just out of interest, a new 1 bedroom flat in a fairly nice suburb of Dublin (Clontarf) is going for Euro 500,000!. I just cannot believe what is going on over there. They have certainly benefiited from joining the EU and possible embracing the Euro. Also, I understand Stamp duty there is a whacking 5% on anything over Euro 200,000. These huge price rises aren't just limited to the major cities, prices have gone up all round the country - -absolutely amazing Yes, I have bought a holiday home over there (not a BTL but somewhare to escape to and take advantage of the benefits when I retire) - -BTW, first time buyers are exempt from Stamp duty! Paul. Anyone from S Ireland contribute to this site?
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