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  1. I have asked myself lately, could Germany leave the Euro and what be the consequences of doing so.
  2. What is the public sector ??? When I think of the public sector, I think of teachers who teach my children, nurses in hospitals tending to the sick. I see bin men collecting rubbish and Doctors in their sugeries. I see planning officers who are trying to fix the roads from two very bad winters and co-ordinate their staff, without putting up council tax and having their budgets cut. I see jobcenter plus staff, doing a difficult job at the best of times. This is the public sector. Of course we could fire the lot of them and get in private companies to do the work, but heres the age old dilema of the 90s. If you get a private company to do the work, the company will need to make a profit. There obliged to by law. Will there do a good job ? You only have to look at the water companies to judge that, droughts in summer and floods from bust pipes in winter and still the dividend gets paid to their shareholders. Cutting jobs and services is not a realistic way to encourage growth in an economy, based on credit and consumerism. This is just the beginning, the best is yet to come . . .
  3. Preference shares are allowed by virtue to be sold on the back of privvy information. It is legal and no evidence of deception. The same way a first or business class ticket holder gets to board a plane before economy class. The more you pay the better information *seat you get.
  4. I for one will not be troubling myself to vote on May 5th. I'm a busy man and dont have time for such trivial nonsense as alternative voting. When I ask my Wife to buy me a Fillet Steak from Sainsbury's, I dont expect her to turn around and say, if you cant get Fillet Steak what else would you prefer. She knows my answer will be, if I cant get fillet steak, dont bother buying anything. Same in voting, when I vote UKIP, I dont expect to be told, who else wouldnt you mind in power, if enough people dont agree with you where you live. Also in the same vein, I dont think the first past the post represents all of views of the voter either. If a MP is elected having secured 51% of the vote, then surely 49% of his constituency wanted someone else. My conclusion is, I will let others decide my Government for me, they always have anyway,
  5. HERES THE SCIENCE : Trioxygen is harmful. Your body cannot breathe it. However it does exist abundantly in nature and is commonly known as ozone. O3 is trioxygen, when combines with 3 hydrogen atoms it forms a relatively stable compound Phosphorous Acid. H3O3. This compound is expensive to make and as such to create a litre of it would cost a massive 60p pet litre. Now think how much petrol costs per litre. £1.25. This compound is economically viable. You see you can add this to diesel engines and it would make the phosphorous acid unstable creating a small explosion (combustion), where a single oxygen atom and a sing hydrogen atom are vaporised and create a clean explosion with only pure water as a pollutant if you can call it that. This is scientifically credible and now economically viable.
  6. Hydrogen fuel. 2 years we'll all be using it. Goodbye Diesel, Petrol and LPG. Goodbye Arab States like Dubai and UAE. Hello H30 yes, thats H30, where 1 hydrogen atom is burnt and produces H20 which is water, the only polluntant. However we must state for the record that this is pure water and not that crap with additives in which you get when you turn on the tap. This water is nectar.
  7. This post gets my vote, for the "HOUSE PRICE CRASH - BEST POST OF THE YEAR 2011". An enjoyable read.
  8. They didnt do this because you spoke out. This happens to everyone, its called living in the UK and its crap.
  9. This story is buried by new elsewhere and the joke is, that is it is important and significant. Sky and BBC are competing for news on either Earthquakes in New Zealand or Brits trying to get out of Libya. I mean last month you couldnt see a Brit in Libya for toffee, now they seem to wandering the desert awaiting rescure. wtf is this all about,
  10. If prices in Dubai keep going the way they are doing, they will be paying for your flight and then handing you a cheque to live there, on account of course that you do join any protests against the ruling mob there.
  11. I must confess I find the "Home in the Sun" programmes addictive. When you go to work in the UK and rain is on your face, its cold, everyone moaning about the economy and how woe everything is. Its nice to come home and watch some pre-recorded virgin + whatever programme of how a couple of has-beens from Rossendale have sold their 2 up, 2 down house for £100k and with a little savings usually half that 40k - 50k, there off to Austrailia where there arguing with each other as to the size of the swimming pool. The sand is too coarse on their feet and then you have the heart wrenching videos from relatives they havent seen in years saying to them "dont go, we will miss you". Its always a little touch and go when they have to choose "stay" or "go" and you finding yourself screeming at the TV with a slipper in your mouth saying "wtf are you doing, go, get away, get all the way to bondai beach". Live abroad, me, Yes Sir. Too right.
  12. Both Ben Ali of Tunisia and Mubarak of Egypt were very similar in the fact that they were both power hungry, self important, career politicians who loved the adoration of their people. When this adoration ceased, they both left office. Gadaffi, is a different bread, he is something of akin to Saddam Hussain, or Kim Jon Ill. He will not walk away, instread he will make the Libyan people pay for every square meter of Libyan soil before he gives it up. Tunisa was a perfectly executed revolution. Egypt was badly executed coo de tah Libya is a bloodbath, but a necessary one. Question is whos next, Yemen making some noise Bahrain still making some noise Iran making some noise Syria making some noise Algeria making some noise 2010 - 2011 has seen more activilty than any other years I can remember Australian floods Australian Cyclones Australian fires Brazillian Floods Sri Lankan Floods Worst winter in the UK for 30 years Record low temperatures in UK in living memory New Zealand Earthquakes Yemen making some noise Bahrain still making some noise Iran making some noise Syria making some noise Algeria making some noise And heres the scary bit, its not even March yet !!! What next I wonder, it like the end of days.
  13. You conscience is clear. Theres few starving people drinking vegetable oil. They prefer real food like rice, grain etc. Vegetable oil doesnt taste very nice by itself, although its great with chips. Besides by putting it in your car, think how many fewer heart attacks there will be.
  14. Thanks FedupTeddiBear. I'll make enquiries as to purchasing enough to last a year. The way the fuel is going up and were not done yet, putting liquid platinum into your fuel tank will be cheaper than paying the price of diesel. I can see the price jumping again this week, no doubt because of unrest in oil producing nations (Egypt excluded).
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