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  1. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/business/4399746.stm Is that why they weren't keen on having a speculative punt on o2?
  2. Done, Now reading as 90 votes cast with 4.7 / 5
  3. Rough plan for me is to continue renting and working in the UK for the next two years. Should have c70k in the bank by then. Girlfriend and I will then pack jobs in and go travelling. Whilst traveling we will try and find a country we love enough to want to stay in for the considerable future. Sadly, we both can't really see a long term future in the UK and we can't see ourselves wanting to bring children up in the UK either, so why stay. We're thinking of maybe Singapore, Canada, China, New Zealand...but not really too fussed as long as we like it there. Only problem with plans is they have
  4. I'm just trying to imagine what Luton-Sur-Mer would be like *shudders*
  5. It seems that, Luton apart, York is the most popular choice for the mantle of "best town in England" getting this back on topic
  6. Leamington Spa, York (towns or cities?) and Luton obviously
  7. Don't you think this is a big problem though. Once the BTL brigade start off loading properties rents "should" increase (supply and demand). Demand would stay constant but supply decrease?
  8. Bit bored so I thought I'd find out whether I was getting a good deal on my rented house in Uxbridge. Went to nethouseprice and found out my landlord paid £210,000 in Jan 2004 for the house I rent. He spent 8 months doing it up (new kitchen, new carpet throughout, new porch, back garden, central heating etc) before we (girlfriend and I) moved in. Negotiated rent down from 950 pcm to 850pcm and moved in last October. Now I know these are all very rough figures but looking at BBC mortgage calculator and using some reasonable-ish figures if he put down a 20k deposit that would leave £190k to
  9. She was advising people to move to Kings Cross as well last night.
  10. I'd say 5% max. I've got a few mates who don't visit this site but base their opinions (house prices, debt levels, IRs, inflation etc) on what they see in the wider economic (UK and Global) environment, hence the 5%.
  11. Wow! I just looked up the house I am currently renting (zone 6 West London, 2 bed terrace but completely refurbished to a high standard, 5 mins to tube, garden etc) on OurProperty.co.uk It was purchased by my landlord for £208k in Feb 2004. We moved in Oct 04, the landlord spent 9 months doing it up as it was a wreck (he told me this). 208k plus around 20k doing it up plus 9 months of mortgage repayments plus those 9 months no rent coming in and we managed to negotiate rent down from 950 to 850 PCM. How can he afford to pay his mortgage (25yr, say 188k borrowed due to deposit), even if
  12. Looks like you have to pay to use this service though.
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