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  1. I thought this might interest you... Lenders loosen buy-to-let criteria Strikes me as very interesting. At a time of caution the lenders are going hell for leather to get new business. A lot of investors could find themselves in serious trouble if they come into the market on the back of these deals.
  2. All good points - I had read that I had just misread what you meant by emerging markets. I think you are right. I also agree that people should understand the local market for themselves before investing. Our website certainly helps them. You are quite right about the content on the site being brief (although extensive). Our editorial team is working on increasing the level of analysis and research, this will certainly grow over the coming months. Oneway this will be done is through the publishing of 'special reports' on a more regular basis and exanding on the subjects already under discuss
  3. Thank you for your comments and the link Mr Webmaster! Timetoraiserents - you make me laugh whenever I read your posts: a ) Why would I come on a site like this if I wanted to recruit buyers!!!! b ) Could you remind me what you mean by "the UK has reached a new level (to be discovered in the next year or two) and if in light of the points and conversation we may have had (see e below) that we are supposedly confirming? c ) I AGREE with almost everything you have to say! Particularly about charlatan property sourcing companies and unscruplous property pornographers (get rich wuick seminar pe
  4. I was indeed being sensationalist offering the Northern Rock deal as an example. I have come across many examples of first-time buyers and buy-to-lettors that have fixed rates about to come to an end of between 3.89 and 4.99 from 18months ago. These were sensible fixed rate deals at the time. They presume they can move onto a fix of about 5.5% now and take a hit but a manageable one. For thousands (I have met cases ALREADY) their properties are actually worth a little less now than when they paid. They CANNOT remortgage to say 5.5% instead they are on SVRs of approx. 2% above base (6.75% today
  5. No worries! The reason why we have to give the information about the background of the company - is a) we are honest and b ) credibility, people want to know who's work they are reading and why we are experts. We have not bought a single property for a buy-to-let investor this year!!! The only deals we are doing are for sophisticated investors (our definition is property portfolio owning with £1m+) and property funds eg. city institutions. We happily talk to BTLrs and others about property and about what deals are around but we do not push/sell them. In the social housing sector long term leas
  6. We were the first to expose this last week. The Mail stole our story and presented it poorly yesterday. The original press release is on our website Mortgage Timebomb Press Release
  7. "Time to raise the rates" The data supports itself. You simply wind the model back to the time you want to test. The model then either shows below historical average by x or it shows above by x. Because we know the range (peak to trough) of the average cycle (they are remarkably similar except for the one we are in know) from historical data you can tell how far up or down the index will go. The key is understanding three things affect it - rates or prices but more importantly inflation. At the moment the model shows that this index must go down below its current point - either because rate
  8. In2Perspective provides newsletters and content feeds for third party companies - we are a publisher. We also act as an introducer of finance business and work along side financial advisers providing a consultancy service in addition to the usual mortgages, insurance and investments you would expect from an IFA. Come and meet us to see if this would help or interest you - naturally our financial review is free. We also source OFF-market deals in the residential and commercial property markets for everyone from buy-to-lettors to pension funds. The number of transactions we have been involved wi
  9. About one-third of all loans secured in the last six months of 2003 were self-certification. It is not pretty seeing first hand the number of people who are lying to themselves that they can afford these loans (personal and mortgage). Unfortunately some people just don't listen and the financial services and lenders are being compliant. Nowadays banks just want to write business so they can package it up into bonds and securitise the risk elsewhere having collected a fee. As a result their requirements have relaxed - more and more people get a credit check instead of an income check in order
  10. 2MeterBear - thank you for taking the trouble to read our work! I agree with your comments on that particular quote - the language (eg. 'snatched') is however targeted for the attention of journalists - it was actually the Times top quote of the week in last Saturday's paper. I'm afraid that is the nature of the media game. We are not anti-rate rises. The site is impartial and independent providing positive and negative views as well as all the important/interesting news. Press Releases are designed to grab attention - I am sorry you found the language politicised. Personally I would like
  11. The Mail stole this from us!!! They should have quoted us, as we broke the story last week. They nicked it instead. To read our original press release (from where the mail piece came from )visitOriginal Press Release From In2Perspective It was extremely bad form not to acknowledge us as introducing the story to the mail.
  12. I have only just discovered this site I apologise for jumping in without looking at what has already been written. I hope I haven't repeated too much of what has been already said. I don't think there is any harm in reinforcing points if they happen to be correct! I am truly hurt by your satirical attack on my blatant self-publicity! I commend you on your own efforts! If anything the website says a great deal that I don't have time to retype here. For the record these are my personal opinions and should not be taken to be those of in2perspective - an independent and impartial news and views
  13. Thank you for your interest. I would love to be able to do this. Unfortunately some of our backers do not want information with that level of detail to be in the public domain. I am sure you can appreciate why!!! The regional information will however be released periodically. Registered users of the site will be notified as and when this happens.
  14. It is possible to predict property prices. The key is not to give a date (that's crystal ball nonsense) but offer a set of key indicators. Below are thoughts on the most important - affordability. The key factor in determining where we are in the property cycle (and therefore when to buy and when to sell) is the affordability of buying property of new entrants (buy-to-let and first time buyers). They are the lifeblood of the market and (hopefully!) are bringing cash from elsewhere in the economy (eg. savings) into property. In recent years MEWing for buying property either for children or inv
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