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  1. So what's this other bit of insider info you've been promising to reveal?!
  2. Have they been infiltrated?! Always thought Positive Money were pretty clued up and sensible
  3. Absolutely. Seems like the London madness has moved up here. Such a shitter.
  4. This is weird, reading all these. I was in a right funk yesterday, still feeling it a bit today: was thinking dark thoughts about the state of the world (more than usual!). Perhaps it was just the weird moody light and that freaky red sun that spun me out a bit?!
  5. Thanks. It was Coininvestdirect I was looking at, automatically added the UK vat on at the checkout if delivering to a UK address. Good to know there are alternatives!
  6. Not wishing to derail the thread (but since it's being discussed!), as I understood it some years back, you can either pay full UK VAT and have them delivered to you, or you can pay EU VAT and then pick them up from EU or arrange to have them couriered at your own risk. Or has anything changed?
  7. That's a good point. But even so, 60% of our current rent is comparable to what the mortgage payment might look like, for 5 years at least. Pay it down as fast as possible, who knows, it could be the best option for some. My point was that people's circumstances differ, and that the crash has always been just around the corner, so it makes sense that some people feel that they don't want to wait any more. No need to stomp all over posters who feel this way or express such thoughts, not all are going to be trolls.
  8. As much as I want HPC, and have done for 10 years, I accept that it may not be right around the corner (I have been expecting it imminently for those 10 years!). Maybe it's starting, maybe it'll be a slow grind down. Rents near me for nice family homes in nice areas near good schools are astronomical. A mortgage looks like better value from that perspective (around 50% of our current monthly rental cost with a 40% deposit on a 5 year fix), so I can completely understand why someone would choose to buy. If stating that view makes you a pariah, then there is something wrong with this forum, imo. Nobody on here knows how it will all pan out, we're all just guessing.
  9. Do I take it that you subscribe to an alternative theory on the origin of oil? I seem to recall reading that some people believe that the planet produces it and it will never run out...
  10. So interest rate rises based on CB misjudgement (in your view) will be the catalyst for the debt liquidation then? Or margin calls of some kind? Apologies if this is a stupid question!? Just trying to understand what the trigger will be, then how each domino will fall in turn to take us to the outcomes you're suggesting. I know none of this is certain, but trying to follow the logic. Appreciate your time in contributing to this thread, very interesting to me.
  11. DB, is your analysis based on Kondratieff or Kress cycles, or similar? Can you link to any recent mainstream analysis that supports your hypothesis? I am trying to get my head around the reasons why things might play out as you suggest and would appreciate any vaguely authoritative citations that can help me discuss possible scenarios with my other half (in the context of how long to hold off buying a house). And do It understand correctly, is the main reason for the predicted asset price collapse a credit crunch scenario where banks stop lending, interest rates start to rise and leveraged asset holders have to sell off quick to pay down debts, fuelling the price falls (then crash psychology gets a firm hold, solidifying the trend)? Thanks in advance for trying to help me to understand the likelihood of this playing out, seems like quite a big deal that could lead to lifelong regret if wrong decisions are made at this point in time!
  12. A gnarly bunch of libertarian free thinking HPCers who felt Fubra was limiting their free speech, or something. Would be interested in lurking there briefly to see what they've been up to in their New Utopia.
  13. Hi Peter, I'm coming up 39 and have been holding off almost as long as you. Feels almost like time for dancing, but ever had that experience where you finally feel like it and then a really really sh1t song comes on? I'm giving it another few months before I bustamove!
  14. I've been meaning to check it out but don't know how to find it - has its name been added to the swear filter or can it be mentioned "out loud" on here?! Someone PM me please if not
  15. You wait eight years and then dozens come all at once... I have no clue what is happening (genuinely!)
  16. me either. Reminds me of: "People used to laugh when I said I wanted to be a comedian. They're not laughing now!" Bob Monkhouse
  17. Really? Of all the things on this thread to get het up about...
  18. An acquaintance recounted to me a meeting his brother in law (senior in housing firm) had had with various people who were either in finance or property, all millionaires at least, and discussing future if the property market. General consensus was that only plebs are buying now. No mention of crash explicitly, but talked of how the market seems strangely frozen and they weren't sure what would mark the tipping point. Implication being that we are very close. Third hand anecdote, obviously, but it rang true.
  19. I felt like a chuckle. Does that make me a bad person?
  20. Have they deleted the thread, or something? Link not working for me.
  21. I hardly ever use cash. But if it looked like they were seriously trying to push that agenda then I'd try to use it as much as possible. Problem is it will be subtle and steady proliferation of contactless pay machines for everything, then suddenly cash is gone before you really noticed.
  22. I was surprised when I discovered people buy and sell cars on there, but no reason why not, and the same goes for houses. Bring it on.
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