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  1. Local councils have the power to ban already. Hammersmith & Fulham seem to to be using it effectively. http://www.estateagenttoday.co.uk/news_features/Blanket-ban-on-agents-signs-extended-for-record-ten-years
  2. Looks like the traditonal xmas redundancy anouncements have begun EasyJet culls staff in cost-cutting drive expext more in the next few weeks.
  3. Looks like a close up of Chris Evans' pubes (are those veins??)
  4. Anyone know what George Soros is up to these days?
  5. link was posted on this thread http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/ind...showtopic=19266
  6. OK, Who is it then? Rental test for the wise .
  7. Website reporting similar sentiment Nationwide sees flat house prices
  8. Feature on last nights Watchdog on the BBC. Not exactly cutting edge investigative journalisim, I agree, but it does have a large mainstream audience. It looked into the activivities of Glenrose Property Services Ltd a lettings agent in the 'Olympic boomtown' of Stratford. They had some 'amatuer' BTL landlords on, telling how this agent had neglected to pass on the rent. And after court judgements, agreeing to pay it in installments. (nice little earner) I think this kind of story, along with the increasing number of property investment clubs being exposed as cons, should serve as a warning anyone considering BTL in the near future (SIPP ?).
  9. Good article It shows how the high end estate agents are banking on a mini-boom to keep them out of the brown stuff. Also asks whether city bankers (presumably financialy astute) would want to invest their 'hard earned bonus' in an over inflated property market.
  10. Looks like the London housing market wont be getting its expected influx of eager buyers. Hopes of bumper bonuses are dashed
  11. I think the opposite may be the case. Where in the past 'lie to buy' morgages have been provided by brokers. (with a nod and a wink from the banks). The banks are now lending high income multiples based on 'affordability' If people are prepared to take out risky (to the borrower) secured loans, banks will lend.
  12. Ponderings On THe Australian Market It seems to be a general concensus that the Australian market (and crash) is six months ahead of the Uk's. I was thinking that this could result from geographical factors. Being in the southern hemisphere Oz is currently enjoying Spring. Can anyone confirm whether we should expect now to be the bussiest period in the Australian anual cycle? (as spring is in the UK)
  13. My first thought when I saw this story yesterday was; "INSURANCE JOB"
  14. At 34 I think you probably missed the worst of it. You would have been 6 or 7 during the Winter of Discontent which was the tail end of the 70's resession. Leaving college in 1993 as the 90's Recession was coming to an end you avoided most of the missery (unemployment, reposessions) that followed from the HPC and SM crashes of the late 80's. Don't want to sound to much like "my recessions bigger than yours", "but it was" Hope we all fare better this time round!
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