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  1. Along with the latest doom and gloom from King Bootle of Capital Economics (predicting HPI of -45% in the Torygraph) this has quite cheered me up! Just what I needed after the kick in the nuts of the 1.9% HPI last month from Halifax!
  2. anyone coming to the end of a mortgage deal and who will now go onto either a high SVR or have to have a high LTV remortgage with another lender...so lots of people.
  3. If its freehold, there is no lease (its freehold innit?)
  4. This is all totally fair Godley, and no need to apologise. Its totally understandable if you're sceptical, without evidence, and you're being very polite about it (shame not all members have the same manners). I understand that I could provide evidence to prove what I'm saying, but I'm very cautious about giving out too many details of where I live...probably over-cautious (although, given the rather hysterical reactions from some of the members here, who seem somewhat unhinged, I feel glad I haven't). It makes no difference to me if you (or any other member) chooses to ignore what I have posted. That said, if you look at how long I have been a member (surely someone wouldn't hang around for so many years of rampant HPI if their heart wasn't in the right place!), and if you accept that I am (as I have stated before) a frustrated FTB that is willing the market down, then I wonder what motivation people think I have for making things up?
  5. Just to add to this, my original post was really to voice frustration: as I think I stated later, there are some house price falls in my area, and I don't doubt the general HPC picture, but what is KILLING me is that there is still sentiment out there that prices are rising AND rising rapidly. Unfortunately there is still alot of that sentiment in that area, mad as it might be...
  6. CM16 or IG10 is as specific as I feel comfortable with, but that covers a wide range of possibilities...
  7. Bless. Somebody hasn't read the entire thread have they? It is a lot of words isn't it?
  8. I hate to admit it, but I don't know how (otherwise would love to)!
  9. I'm coming from the other side of the argument here. I want prices to crash, but am at my wit's end because they don't seem to be.
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