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  1. I work in Avonmouth and know of lots of people commuting from Chepstow on Bikes. It is a valid option and a commute to cliffton would be less the 1/2 hour. If you are a fair weather biker the extra cost for the Toll would negate any gain. It's also worth noting that occasionally the bridge can be closed in high winds. Most of the Zoopla properties you listed would have me locking the doors and twitching the curtains. Hartcliff and Ringwood in southmead in particular. The property in BS15 might be worth a look and the BS30 is quiet and rural. Hope this helps.
  2. Back in 2007 I would never believe it could be possible. We have now been printing funny money for years. Now it's going to be given to people who can't save to buy STILL overpriced property. PANIC! I arranged 2 viewings this week and both sold before we had our chance to view! Won't push up house prices. It's already started. I expected to have my family in an average 3 bed semi by now. Next year I expect to keep them warm by throwing £££ on the fire.
  3. Supply in East Bristol sub 250k seems very low at the moment. Vendors still holding out for 07 prices and when these are not realised a large percentage are put on the rental market. Is this something the agents are pushing for an income? Lots of accidental landlords with people they don't know living in their homes. I would hate to rent from one of these. A couple of properties I veiwed last year priced at around 200k, when sold were then let for £800 -£900. The sums just don't add up, even with the crazy low rates available at the moment! Am I missing something here or are people really very very stupid?
  4. Thats an easy one. If you can afford it Chipping Sodbury has all you ask. Its just off the A46 which is also known as the stroud rd and guess where that goes
  5. Even Doc Martins are now made abroard. Even the patriotic union jack ones.
  6. I expect to get at least 10% off asking price and offer accordingly. So far none of the vendors have shared this view and I remain homeless Then again I wouldn't even bother looking at a property that was 10% over market price.
  7. How hard is their job anyway? Lend poor people money you don't have. I can drive a bus, but that sounds much easier.
  8. There are thousands of people like this taking full advantage of the system. They are both over and under the age of 25. My brother in law got a 16 year old prenant when he was only 14. She promtly dumped him ond went on to her next victim. 3 more kids with 2 more fathers. My nephew is now 18. She has never worked bleeding the system dry ever since. When reaching the age of 25 she remained a leach.
  9. That woman is president of the NAEA. Top of the EA tree. Did anyone else apply for that job? I knew EA's were not the most intelligent of people. Um ERRR Houses prises alllway go upp. Good fofr economy cos it is! The economist is my hero. I'm off to grow a beard
  10. Dealers and prozzies are normal? You could pay double and you won't have to put up with it. Double that again for windows and dry walls. Double that and you get a real house!!!!! Moaners? I think not. Realists, This is housepricecrash after all.
  11. Can't afford a house or run a car. Cycle to work and live in a tent. It's the only way.
  12. Nearly 1/4 million squid for a basement flat with hardly any natural light. Only a short walk from local prostitutes and drug dealers. Sounds like a flippin bargain. GO FOR IT!
  13. Thanks for all the advise and childish humor. Right up my street. A few things have happened since yesterday. I have got all my money back! The surveyers had not been to the property and have instructed not to. Amazingly the estate agents are paying the deposit I made to the solicitors. I held back paying anything until I was told the property was off the market. I was told this in front of a third party witness. Today I looked on Rightmove and the property has vanished. Not on the agents site either. GONE! Where do I stand contacting the vendors directly? I feel we have both been played in a game we both lost.
  14. At the start of December we viewed a property and put in an offer of £195k. (approx 10% below asking price.) This was quickly rejected. I explained this was the maximum price we could afford and could not up this offer. A month later the agent rang back asking if the offer still stood, which it did. He then spent the next fortnight trying to get us to up the offer, first by 10k the 5k,2k and then1k. We did not budge and the offer was then accepted. We appointed a solicitor and paid for a survey after being told the property was taken off the market. A week later it was still advertised for sale on rightmove and the agents own site. I gave them a ring to check on things. It took 3 calls and 2 days to speak to the agent dealing with the sale. He informed us all was well and not to worry. One hour later he rang back. "bad news i'm affraid the vendor has accepted a higher offer." WTF! I'VE BEEN GAZUMPED! IN THIS MARKET! "Would you like to up your offer?" "NO and I hate you" :angry:
  15. Thanks for the advise. I spoke to the estate agent today and told them unless my offer was accepted by the end of the week, I would withdraw it and walk away. It's the top end of our budget and with the uncertain outlook we are facing, probably not a sensible move anyway. My head is telling me there will be a better and cheaper house around the corner in a year or so. My wife on the other hand knows this one is perfect and we won't get better.
  16. Keep the wife happy for an easy life. Like your thinking.
  17. Three weeks before Christmas we offered on a house my wife loves. It's up for guide price of £210k - £220K and was previously up for £230K. We offered £195K and made the agents aware we could not and would not be upping that offer. It was quickly rejected and my wife has been wanting to up the offer if they can complete before the FTB stamp duty comes into effect. I was considering this, but out of the blue the agent rang me last week to see if my offer still stood. I am told my offer is being considered while he is looking at a place to move to. Should I withdraw this offer if it is not accepted? All balls are now in the vendors court while we are left hanging. Any thoughts greatfully received.
  18. A few points, 210k is a lot of money to most people. Who would want to live in Sneyd park? Everybody there will be better than you. For the price of a semi in Downend you could buy a very nice place in the country. How are you trapped if your house is paid off? What is a skinny latte? I've just found out an americano is a normal coffee and i'm sticking with that. Chinese laundry? Stick it in a washing machine and air in public my good man.
  19. I have been looking at Downend as an option, nice 1930's semis and good schools. Don't stray to far toward fishponds or Kingswood. I have a 2 year old and a new born and commen sense tells me to rent in a good catchment area until my first born gets a place and then buy a little further out where it will be cheaper. If you are lucky prices will drop during this time and you will be better off. On the other hand any money you have might become worthless as we head into oblivion.
  20. I love it when ministers use the term affordable homes. Most homes are UNAFFORDABLE then? Surely policy should be to make unaffordable homes affordable. Not a vote winner because the young don't vote in large numbers at the moment, but they will!
  21. This is the type of programming we need. Something to counter balance the VI only way is up property shows we have been drip fed over the past decade. Now if only someone were to suggest to the have not younger generation that voting might be a good idea. What then?
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