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  1. The buyer obviously has Sh1t for brains and needs some where to house them
  2. A very good post imo. Market sentiment is everything. It is as simple as that. The sentiment is changing right now - you only have to see the huge increase in media articles about increasing debt, the possibility of a HPC and world-wide economic 'issues' which six months ago were abaout as rare as a Tony Blair supporter. The last 30 years were probably about the most stable in the entire history of the UK. The possiblity of the next 30 being the same is decreasing fast, with the current civil liberties issues sure to be a major source of tension for a generation.
  3. What incredible rubbish. With attitudes like that, I guess you don't have a degree that is worth anything. Perhaps you don't understand how the education system works here? Yes, some degrees will not lead to a decent job, but if you obtain a good degree in a relevant subject - such as engineering, like mine, you will do well.
  4. Do you think we're heading for a house price crash? Yes 63% No 37% Total votes: 368 25/05/07 14:32
  5. Which must be why HSBC sold and leased back their Canary Wharf HQ. The writing is on the wall.
  6. I've sussed it, in the true style of lazy BBC journalism, and Government spin, the ONS 'samplers' must use the subsidised canteen for their inflation figures.... A latte in Starbucks last week £3.00 A latte in ONS canteen this week 35p Inflation beaten.
  7. Been to (Any UK city) - it`s f*cking nasty. Full of dodgy (Inhabitants) trying to skank you left right and centre. Two Brits given a jail sentence for 'official secret act violations, whist PM murders Iraqi civilians and gets a hero's send off. A few western women raped by (locals) while I was there. :angry: New Year`s Eve `06 was way more violent than anywhere- dozens of p*ssed-up Brtits going around with knives looking for anyone to cut up or shoot. Rational arguement. Not.
  8. Definitely agree with that one. If you have £700k to spend, put it in the bank - interest rates are rising, you know, and let the interest pay your rent. Better to buy one year too late than one year too soon.
  9. Media manipulation right to the end. How apt. How well spotted as well
  10. The prediction is for two years time, RB. "With stable interest rates, the unsecured debt write-off rate is predicted to reach 4.1 per cent by 2009, which would be the highest rate since 1992, and repossessions are predicted to reach 38,900, which would be more than a doubling of the 2006 figure and the highest level since 1996." Whilst this may come to pass, trumpeting misleading headlines like those just leads to diluting the message, in my opinion. Prices are, I am sure about to begin the downwarss march. They will then undershoot the true value, before the inevitable rise begins again.
  11. Another good comparison would be how many ounces of gold would have been needed to buy the house in 1967, compared to today?
  12. Agreed. As the BoE has now written 'the letter' for the first time, perhaps they will raise rates by 0.5% for the first time too. In this day and age, with the media finally awaking from their 10 year slumber, the BoE does not want to look like they are 'behind the curve' and content to stay there. +0.5% or bust.
  13. What it shows is that the BoE forecast inflation at about 2.2% So they are out by 50% in the space of a year. Some experts. Should resignations not be in order?
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