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  1. Hi - this was my thread and have an update and a question. The house was bought. Mysteriously, completed on the same day as the council published that they were no longer interested in the site. Also - the details of the sale are not available from Land Reg info readily available. In what instances are transactions/sales not in the public domain? Anyone shed any light? TIA x
  2. Just to say, I saw a house (20% added price tag compared to purchase price 18months previous) and as soon as I got home had a call from agent to say if I liked it I would have to make an offer by the Monday as they'd had an offer two days previously (?) Anyway, told him where to go. It did go SSTC a few days later, at which point I thought, oh maybe he wasn't being a lying manipulative turd, but then it mysteriously became available again after 4 days, over the next weekend. I think it was a ruse. Many a slip 'twixt cup & lip, and all that...... Three months later is still languishing,
  3. Have wondered - are HPCers generally of a similar mindset? Is that why we're here? Are we the 1%ers who see the madness while the other 99% just shrug their shoulders and get on with playing the game? (i.e. sheeple) Are we perpetually destined to be disappointed?
  4. Enough to not have to worry/think about paying the bills & being able to enjoy new experiences. Would love to retire before 55 (not sure that will be possible). We're very bad consumers - no labels or conspicuous consumerism in this house. Enough so we could buy a larger house with a great garden for our two gorgeous girls before they hit puberty, but that is still a bit too far out of reach..................... Our needs will hopefully be less in 6-12 months time
  5. Am feeling more & more frequently that MN is becoming far too influential and does not actually represent the majority of parents in this country, yet is feted as such by influential people. Any thoughts?
  6. Now suggesting getting a real valuation (WTF?) and that being a cash buyer is a problem...... http://www.mumsnet.com/Talk/property/1147143-Buying-a-house-what-would-you-offer-for-this-is-agent-playing-a-game/AllOnOnePage#23802799
  7. SG8/SW Cambs/Royston New +32% Total +25% MK45/South Beds villages New +10% Total +19% I'm looking in huge area so am likely to be at it all night. Great game, and just the boost I need after seeing the overpriced place with panoramic views of the A6 this afternoon
  8. Thoughts on this characterful home?:- http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-17740830.html?premiumA=true Wow - EPC is off the graph! Is there a prize? I'm sure I can find lots................
  9. I, for one, am so totally astonished I can barely type. But then I have seen madder things in the local market. Like "look at that - that will never sell...How much!!! ROFLAO" which then goes under offer within two weeks. Confusion is good. It probably means you are less likely to do something rash which may well be regretted in the morning.
  10. This certainly seems the case in the area I'm looking in - Herts/South Beds/South Cambs. Ludicrous asking prices to start with, but then widespread drops of 5-10% off say £600k asking price within two months of marketing. Need to be another 10-20% lower as a starting point from which to make an offer. We're looking for a 4bed detached with a large garden and these have just sky-rocketed over the last 18months. One house which is interesting - sold Nov 08 for 578k, came on at £715k in Jan (no kidding), now at 698k, and at this level ("aspirational family home") they seem to hang around for ever
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