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  1. +1 .-.. .. -.- . -..-. -.-- --- ..- .-. -..-. ... .. --. -..-. ... .- .-. .- ....
  2. I'd go beyond just ignoring it as they may try this on with other people and get away with it. Tell your local trading standards, they may already be building a case or they may start building one. Tell your local paper, maybe this becoming public knowledge will cripple their business as people won't want to put an offer in and others won't want to sell through them. But whatever you do, don't pay them a penny.
  3. I've noticed this trend over the past few weeks. In my area, it's not houses already on the market that are going up but new houses coming on at incredibly stupid prices. During my recent search I had looked at a bunch of 4 bed detached on in a particular area for about 270 to 300. Over the past few weeks I've seen similar (if not worse) houses coming on in the same area for way over 300. One was on for 365! Some of these houses are on with the usual suspect agents for overpricing in our area but some not. So I suspect it's a combination of stupid agents and stupid vendors. They can look forward to an autumn and winter of keeping their house tidy for no viewings/offers.
  4. £725k for that? WTF, it's a 4 bed terrace. Londoners are insane. Round my way you'd pay a 3rd of that for a better house and be within an hours commute of London.
  5. I expect that's more of a reflection on the time of day that the poll was posted. Those of us paying oodles on our mortgage are working (or supposed to be working in my case...)
  6. Hi Dredwerker, I'm in a similar boat to you, wondering whether to buy or when the crash might come. I am in my FTB house wondering when to trade up to more space and a decent school nearby for my family. My decision has been to give up waiting and buy now, even though I'm convinced there will be a drop coming. For me it was a decision about providing for my family in the end. There are a couple of current factors that make it a less bad time to buy: some people are willing to listen to low offers and interest rates on long term fixed are pretty good. How much will houses drop and when? I have no idea. When the drop does come, will many of us have a job? Will interest rates be sky high? Will the banks be able or willing to lend? Will the baby boomers buy all the cheap houses up for BTL? Sometimes the timing of the "markets" don't suit the timing of life... Good luck!
  7. I think it is possible that they've given this instruction. If the house has been on so long I imagine there have been lots of timewasters going for a look for something cheap to do over the weekend. A more direct version of property pron if you will. You should be able to make your decision of extending vs moving without going for a viewing. Then if you do decide to move, sell yours before making any viewings. Then, when you do make a realistic offer on an overpriced house the person will have to think more seriously about your offer rather than instantly dismissing it.
  8. £51k is not very much these days when it's the only household income. Soon to lose child benefit too even though a couple with 2 salaries of £43k would still get it. Round my way, a FTB on £51k with a sensible mortgage multiple would get an average 3 bed semi so I'd not say that was rich at all. Oh, to earn £51k and have these problems....
  9. £350k for that?!? Really? Hmm, can't think why it's not sold already....
  10. To misquote Pastor Martin Niemoller; first they came for the miners but I did nothing because I'm not a miner. Then they came for the council workers, teachers and firemen but I did nothing because they have huge pensions and retire earlier than me so they can "eat sh1t". Maybe rather than everyone retiring at 70, we should all retire at 60 to give the kidz a chance at getting a job?
  11. "Demolish your dream home" - council's bombshell message to distraught owners of £250,000 property That is harsh. I would hope the couple can sue the pants off everyone who caused this to happen....
  12. +1 Further south we have yet to see decent drops. Some people even have their houses on for more than they reached in 2007 whereas my house is on for almost 10% less than it was on for in 2008. Different price bands behaving differently or maybe people are more unrealistic further up the "ladder".
  13. Have they been putting that same statement out for the past 8 years or did they just wake up?
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