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  1. "such as freezes on unnecessary recruitment" Sounds like an admission that much of their current and past recruitment was "unnecessary".
  2. I used to live in Heswall. Go on ... give us a clue where you work Would love to pop in for a chat. Unfortunately my website that monitors asking prices on rightmove in the NW doesn't quite stretch to most of Wirral, would have been interesting to see whats happening there ... Jon
  3. Sorry, been busy last week or two. Just running the business now, will be updated in a few hours. Jon Edit : Done!
  4. Not as pretty as Anna mind ...
  5. On tonight's programme, Anne Maurice just referred to the London property market as "stagnant", with buyers being able to "cherry-pick" between properties on offer. I hope she got Phil and Kirsty's permission before coming out with this nonsense ...
  6. I'm pleased they don't believe MPs count as essential workers then
  7. There also be a downward pressure on demand. If I'm put off selling, then I'm not going to be buying either. Another stealth tax from old Miracle Gordon? Yes you're probably right.
  8. No I don't keep the search queries. Next update Wednesday-ish. Jon
  9. I would have thought that the best time to buy is just before their financial year end - you can probably find this on the companies house web site. If not, it will probably be in their accounts, which again you can order from companies house for a few pounds. For example - see http://wck2.companieshouse.gov.uk/58bc7665...82//compdetails
  10. Presumably you also think that the recent huge increases in gas and electricity prices are also good news then, and that OFGEM (office of gas and electricity markets) are doom and gloom merchants when they try to cap these price increases. Would you be equally as pleased if your food bill had gone up 200% in the last 5 years, or if the price of a car had trebled since you bought your last one?
  11. Updated - another 900 or so reductions this week. Jon
  12. - doesn't really answer the point though, I'm just surprised at how differently the property market can be behaving in 2 different parts of the country.
  13. In my local area there are 900 price reductions per week at the moment, and about 60 price increases (data from RightMove). Are we living on different planets?
  14. He's not the only one ... House Price Reductions. These are the changes in a 20 mile radius of where I live. There's over 900 reductions a week. Jon
  15. I have to say, the EA who sold my house 5 months ago was a million miles from those featured on the Whistleblower program. Sensible valuation, didn't have to chase them up ever etc etc, all the things an EA should be. And they seem to be earning themselves a reasonable reputation in the area as a result. Fair enough. For this one though, there are several in the same town that are absolute sh*te.
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