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  1. my sons looking to buy at the moment ive told him to forget it at the present time, the ea are flogging the typical garbage at em cos theyre young oh its the right time, oh you must act now,,etc etc etc admitidley they do seem to be selling quickly if theyre immaculate, but i fear a big correction is coming i fear for my kids getting conned by e a talk
  2. in the event of a shtf scenario if i have enough money to pay my mortgage off am i better paying it off before the shtf or keep it as a mortgaged property should bank capital controls come in regards craig
  3. Yorkshire building society do one called triple access asaver £1 - 2 million pays around 1.18 after tax passbook based and your allowed 3 or 4 withdrawals a year
  4. i find that offering around 15-20% less usually does the trick
  5. id like to say to all guys and girls on here , please please please, if you cant beat em join em., im with all you people on the subject of house prices being too high , id say 25-30% but if its not altering and youre itching to get on the ladder, then bid hard like i did , sometimes i would offer 25% less than asking price we cant change the housing market and waiting and waiting may not help so my advice is if you see the semis at £120k then bid £90k or the £200k houses bid £160k , but try this ....it works, yes you will have bought in this terrible inflated market but youre the one that
  6. im with you guys all the way on house prices coming dowwn, i got 17% off my asking price, but heres the deal if nothings going to alter then the norm would be 30-45 yr mortgages, you know youve paid more than you wanted but thats the only way the payments are gunna come down , sorry to be a downer and all that
  7. i always offer 20%less than asking price on what we view,, went to look at a couple the other day one was £124995 in 2009 now on at £118995 a 4.5% drop in 2 yrs by th e.a we offered nearly £100k and heard nothing, although the vendor said were open to offers but never said what figure she was on about, the other one was on at £119k , they wanted a quick sale to pool the money between them, he said ive dropped it from £125k to £119k i may drop it to £115k im not sure, if you twist my arm i could take £110k , we want a quick sale, ...we offered £100k as a ftb with no house to sell, a mortgage i
  8. im not sure about house prices guys and gals as im no expert, but i know this my take on it i keep arguing with e.a is this , in the 50s/60s/70s/80s/90s/2000/right up to 2006, the 2.5 joint earnings always bought you a terrace /semi/ with a 10%deposit , now that buys nothing , which tells me the prices are wrong,,,,,,,another thing i say to e.a is,,,,,if the price was right the property would have sold wouldnt, it? on you tube if you believe that sort of thing theres a video series i think its called 1 inflation .com or something like that......properties going for a slittle as $30,000 that we
  9. that should have been in white not an addition to posters reply
  10. spoke to an assistant today as they rang me to say my offer was rejected, in the conversation i expressed my concern for global slowdown, sub prime misery etc etc.. to which the young girl replied....."I WOULDN,T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU READ IN THE PAPERS SIR" what do they teach em at the interview!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. hi everyone i am also in sheffield looking at property, i am noticing declines especially in the s12/s13 area , seen a 3 bed semi this week ready to move into in s12 area, not an ex council house £99,950
  12. as this is my first post please forgive me if this is covered elsewhere,, could i ask all members please a 2 part question? how much do you think homes are over valued as of today in % terms will we ever see the history as it was , where by there was always a steady streem of first time buyers, you moved in to your first home , kept it and maybe moved up to a semi, then a detatched, 2.5 x joint income would suffice and checked by the lender, i have a carpet shop and although i dont depend on the housing market, i would be 3 x times as busy with a steady /not/ buoyant market...im no expert o
  13. hi my names craig from sheffield, i havent had a mortgage since the divorce, we now have a good deposit but theres no way am i giving it to over priced property developers in sheffield, as a guide we have semis in average areas at around £120k-£160k better areas £180k-£250k ex council houses ranging from around £80k terraced from around £90k in average areas rising to a silly £160k in better areas, i am looking at buying soon as i would like a home instead of our council house , i will always try a cheeky offer on property as i will always stand my corner if a estate agent says im being r
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