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  1. 'I was told by property owners that a first time buyer with over £250k to spend was like rocking horse muck at the moment, and would be fought over! I have seen the complete opposite, to the point that today I was told in not so many words that "Your offer for £250k is not going to work, as the other buyer has a different type of mortgage... But we will be happy to quote you if you would like?" WHAT??? hhhmm sounds similar to what i was told by an EA eraliar this year about a house we were intersted in.. 'an offor has been put in for the property but we are still open to viewings' no one had put an offor in and that was to make us put a higher offer in and to make a sale! so, someone has put in an offor but if you want it that badly you will have to put in a higher one! anyway we didnt buy it and i am sooooooo glad! we are renting instead! @ around £400pm cheaper! oh and, there are not many people out there that can afford a £250k mortgage either! hense why market is not doing well @ mo.. wish we could!! be lucky if people could afford a £150k mortgage, and round here that would only get u a 2 bed flat! rip off dont believe half (or all) of what an EA says! i bet i know which EA you are reffering too Roll on the crash!!!
  2. i agree with sold up, stay away from new builds and the insetives! especially Bolnore Village in HH poorly built rabbit runs!!.. also dont buy anything @ mo, sell up (if you already own) and rent.. the crash will come one day (within next five years) so save for it! that is what we are doing just think how much debt free you (we) will be by renting and waiting for the crash!
  3. hmmm london lady.. def an estate agent! trying to convince gullable people that house prices are going up!! so they they get a sale (or lots of) now.. it shouldnt be allowed.. recently saw an advert (desperate to sell) one of many stupid ones lol if you buy a house with us you will be entered into a FREE prize draw for stupid prizes... hmm have to part with over £200k for a crap new house for this FREE prize draw to win something like £50! hmmmm how mad are they!! and the people that give in!! other desperate adds, free carpets, mortgage free for a year, only %5 deposit, part exchange.. 4 flats built on the roof of two blocks near us.. rediculus prices.. last one sold recently after over a yr on the market..company were really proud and put a sighn up stating 'last flat now sold!! or word to the affect of.. cant you people who do not want to believe it, (and i was was one last year) see that the market is heading down hill?? crash in 4 years time, hopefully sooner so that us ftb even on £30k will finnlay be able to afford to buy!!in our area £30 wont even by a flat!! *ooooops £30k!!
  4. so true! I am in the South east too. we are (or we will be one day) ftb and even on £30k can not afford to buy anything.. so until house prices are half (or more) the rediculus prices that they are now, we will be renting. we are renting a lovely 2 bed house in a beutiful village @ £385 a month, so what we would have wasted on buying we will be saving for a deposit. oh and we have decorated the whole house how we wanted to.. can do quite alot with this rented house, providing we ask permission for big changes ie new kitchen bathroom etc..
  5. not only a ridiculous house but a ridiculous price too!! greedy people lol
  6. same here... up untill beggining of last year i had no idea about how the market works etc & was not interested. My partner told me last august that house prices were falling, eventually leading to a crash. i didnt beleive him.. then i kept four months worth of property news's and noticed they were falling, that there were more on the market and that there were several at 'vacent possesion'! so i finnaly started to believe him. since then i have been interested in the market. and learnt alot just a few examples! 1. do not believe everything EA's say! ( ex: someone has put an offor in and has 28 days to exchange contracts, but we are stilll accepting veiwings. thats is just to make you put in a higher offor) 2. do not belive the banks and EA's when they say prices are rising.. they are NOT 3. to stay well clear of part buy part rent (I have set up a discussion on this) renting is the best option for atleast 3 years, so that is what we will be doing (a 2 bed house @ £385 a month) dont think thats bad really. and if we brought it..... So we are saving for the crash!
  7. yes.. i am in hh.. i have noticed alot more properties are for sale in the past year, many have been on the market for more than 6 months, some a year.. i look @ rightmove on a regular basis, and one property (3 bed house) for sale for best part of a year has been reduced by a whopping.... £5k!!! wow wee!!! from £200,000 down to £195,000.. surely if they had any common sense they would have reduced it by a hell of a lot more. i noticed more flats are for sale than houses, and that some people have given up selling their flats (after a very long time on the market)and started to rent them out instead. look @ my 'part buy part rent' is it worth it discussion..
  8. i wouldnt go near any new builds, especially by Crest Nicholson .. where i live we have a relativly new 'village' which is growing and growing.. they built many of the properties there. not only are they at rediculus prices, but poorly built. On crap land, (myself and others went for a walk through it, was like a swamp mixed with clay) so there has already been subsidence.. which i have heard they have refused to deal with (even though the property affected was less than a year old and under a 10yr garauntee) so one family is taking them to court.. the walls are so thin u can hear the conversations of the neighbours, even them going to the toilet.. YUK! the properties are so tiny! u would never get a car in the garages, hece why they are all parked outside.. one house building company were on TV a while back (forgotten their name) and were critisized, so myself, partner and inlaws went to view a flat built by same company. (no intention to buy whatsoever) it was a 2 bed flat (one and a half bedrooms, 2nd room may aswell have been a cupboard) and far too small! well if i remember it was going for around £180K, and they were so desperate to sell they were including the carpets, paying legal fees and offereing months worth of free mortgage.. here is an example of a desperate sale in that village http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-363...pa_n=1&tr_t=buy there are many more 'offors' wow weeeee lol i will definately not be buying in that village!!
  9. Spline selling a part rent part buy property is not the same as if you had brought it through estate agent.. we have been on the MOAT list for a few years now, have viewed a few properties and expressed interest.. but both occasions we have been turned down.. Not enough children for the size of property, not in desperate need of rehousing.. they work the same as a housing ass/ council do.. the size of property you are allowed to buy is based on the size of family also the person who is most in need of housing will be offered the property to buy.. After you have expressed your interest in a property, your info will ba noted down (along with the hundreds of other peoples) MOAT will then have a meeting to discuss who should be entitled to buy the property.. You sell you property through MOAT, but if they cannot sell it within two months then it gets handed over to an EA after that period also i have heard that you need to earn a ridiculus amount a year as a single applicant to buy in this way.. waste of time/money i have begun to think i am not sure about the valuation or the purchase price/ current valuation.
  10. i will stay clear of part buy part rent.. will continue renting and saving for the crash..
  11. recently viewed a 3 bed house which needs alot of updating, new kitchen, bathroom to start with. It is on for £150k, but we would buy 50%.. the updating would probably cost around £30k, possibly a bit more would it be worth buying something like that? or waste of money/time? average house price in our area for a 3 bed £200k rip off we can only get a £120k mortgage, that would not buy anything here.. so that is why we tried part rent part buy.. would you buy a property like this?
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