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  1. I emailed the estate agents last night pointing out the 49 quid off and asked if it was a mistake? Obviously not s the listing hasn't been updated today. Or maybe the ea has been busy showing round all those FTB tempted back with such price slashes.
  2. You sold your house two months ago and it is back on the market for thousands less today? HPC or not, who did you sell it to, a simpleton? Surely they can't be in the sh*te already after just two months so why the sale?
  3. Yes, spot on. And when it all goes tits up - house price crash, recession, consumer debt bubble goes bang - I'm sure those who write the obituaries will include the fact that people were fed the line that equity withdrawal is "like a second income" and wonder how they ever got away with such bull.
  4. Sledgehead if you had taken the time to read the thread you will see I described their thinking as "mickey mouse". Your ten minute outburst was wasted on me my friend. And anyone else who read the thread. The article is relevant because today they are talking up house prices - and it is good to look at the advice they were giving in 2003 that has contributed to the mess we face today. On this forum too many ridicule any reports from VIs saying the economists know better. Not always.
  5. Those words didn't come out of my mouth. I'm quoting from the Centre for Economic and Business Research (CEBR) who told Daily Mail readers the above in 2003. No wonder we are in such a mess if "esteemed" economic think tanks come out with such mickey mouse statements. Incidentally they are currently talking up the housing market again . . . Annual house price inflation will slow to 4.7% this year and 0.8% in 2006, before rising marginally to 2.3% in 2007 and 3.0% in 2008
  6. The rising value of house prices mean that millions of homeowners could earn a ‘second income’ from remortaging their property. Under this system – called mortgage equity withdrawal – homeowners can borrow a lump sum from their mortgage provider which is added to the amount they must eventually pay back. But this money is covered by the rising value of the property on remortgaging making the sums borrowed practically a ‘second income’. Thousands have taken advantage in recent years – encouraged by low interest rates and leaping property values – often to buy cars, holidays and electrical go
  7. This house was bought Apriil 2004 for £145,000. Today it's £179,999 Reduced for Quick Sale to 179,950 3 bed semi Childwall, Liverpool - they were robbed last year let alone wanting 40 grand more a year and a half on. Mind you they have added a Sky dish to the house - the fifty quid discount is if they can take it with them.
  8. Cannae believe an accountant would advocate borrowing 50K on credit cards to finance a deposit - mortgage and credit cards then needing to be paid. Obviously a wind-up merchant. I wonder how many hours are spent commenting on and replying to such jokers?
  9. Your idea. You do it. Post your findings below.
  10. http://www.homecheck.co.uk/hcf/Welcome.do;...C8F5F7A1FA7E025 Yowzer! Says properties are potentially liable to flooding and subsidence! How many of the six have actually sold and how many are completed????
  11. Quick Question for propertyguru. Why would I buy a house in 2005 when it is cheaper for me to rent said house? The only reason would be rising house prices over the course of my mortgage. Are you seriously suggesting the gains of recent years are to be continued for the next 25 years? One final point. Any true property guru will know phouse price crashes unfold over years. If you were thinking it would be all over and done with inside 12 months you have much to learn. Which reminds me. What primary school is it that you go to?
  12. pretty face, but cart horse fae behind. So have those row of houses not sold. Anybody know them?
  13. Yes, I bow to your superior knowledge - 2-3 years was just a way of me saying not today Josephine!
  14. Wowzer! Shouldn't they be offering buyers £500 off instead??????? Maybe you should phone them and ask why there has never been a better time to sell your house?
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