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  1. I too have become very bitter about the housing market situation, and the scouring of the newspapers for information related to house prices has become part of my daily routine, I am very sad to say. My boyfriend thinks I am going slightly mad actually but I cannot bear to listen to some of our smug friends imposing housing advice on us anymore.
  2. ic Wales- Buy to Let Excellent journalism yet again from The Western Mail...............
  3. Could somebody tell me if all houses sold are put on the nethouseprices website? I have been looking on there for houses sold in the last couple of years and a few are not appearing on there. Would, for example, houses that are bought through part exchange not show up?? Thanks
  4. Went to a friends BBQ yesterday and got speaking to a couple who have 3 bed terrace in Cathays. Its been on the market for £167,000 since November with very little interest. About 1 month ago they dropped the price to £152,000 they have still had very little interest. Bearing in mind this is total student town, thought it was very interesting..........I was secretly smiling. Living in Swansea where the attitude still seems to be "houses never crash" it was very interesting that in Cardiff a lot of the talk seemed to be about the drops in prices, my boyfriend and I were chuffed being FTB's.
  5. I can honestly say that i do not know anybody in my circle of friends, my family or my work who believes house prices are coming down, granted a lot of my freinds have bought in the last 2 years and may be saying that out of fear. But my boyfriends parents actually said to me that house prices have never gone down in Swansea. How can you argue with this mentality.
  6. Can anyone say whether they have actually seen house prices going down in Swansea because I am still seeing crappy terraces in Gorseinon that need work, going for £120,000. They just don't seem to be dropping. Granted there are lots of houses that are not selling but if the sellers are not prepared to drop then what happens next?? I girl in work told me this morning that there was a two bed terrace on her street up for sale for £110,000 that needed quite a bit of work doing to it. She actually told me that was a really good price and that I should snap it up. What???? People like her mak
  7. Three times this week I have been told by work colleagues and family members that house prices are going to start shooting up now that interest rates fell last week. After explaining that I don't think this will happen they look at me as if I have three heads. Oh my god........people still don't believe that house prices wil fall and have to fall. WHY????
  8. Okay its not crappy. (My MOT is due next week and I fear I may have jinxed myself) But it looks pretty crappy next to a brand new convertable, I bet your proton wouldn't though
  9. Surely people could not be so stupid to re-mortgage their homes to pay for luxuries. Three people in the last month have told me they have re-mortgaed their homes, the first (my friend) to pay for her wedding??? What??? The second is my work colleague who remortgaged to buy a new convertable car, which is now parked next to my 9 year old corsa (great). But the icing on the cake is my other work colleague who told me last week that her and her husband have re-mortgaged and part of the money has been spent on new yearly gym membership for the two of them at this new exclusive complex that h
  10. Two people made reduntant in my company last week. Morale is at an all time low. Am a bit wary myself but at least I haven't got a massive mortgage to worry about. One benefit of being a FTB Based in Swansea
  11. I think estate agents in Swansea are getting very touchy at the moment. I have been getting quite a few telephone calls from EA's telling me about 'new' properties that have come on the market, that certainly didn't happen last year, actually they couldn't be bothered to give me the time of day. I am enjoying watching them squirm Went to see a house last week I have now had 3 phone calls from the EA asking what we thought and telling me that if we want it we will have to put an offer in for the asking price asap because there is so much interest in the property. I am just so touched tha
  12. About 8 months ago I saw a 2 bed cottage in the property post advertised for £75,000, it said it needed updating so I went into the EA's to enquire about it. I was told by the EA that it needed total gutting, I was okay with this and asked if I could book a time to go and see it. He then said that the people selling it were only intereted in selling ot to BTL's because they would like to stay on in the house as tenants. He was really putting me off so I didn't bother going to see it, wasn't reallt that interested. Anyway last week (8 months later) the property appears in the property pos
  13. I know the property post was jam packed full of houses but sellers are still totally unrealistic about what they are asking. I think sellers in Swansea believe that they can still get their full asking prices. Also do you notice there doesn't seem to be much of a difference in price between the two bed FTB homes and the three bed semi's. the gap just seems to be getting closer.
  14. I had exactly the same situation as 'Fridgecalledbob' after a survey the property was valued at £5000 less than what we had offered. The vendors were not prepared to drop the price and we obviously were not going to buy so we walked away. The house was then sold a few weeks later for the original price. Another surveyor must have valued it differently. The estate agent told me (I hate them by the way) that it happens all the rime and people usually just disregard what the surveyor says the property is worth because "a house is only worth as much as your willing to pay for it", what a loa
  15. Exactly. BBC Radio 1 were in my local town last week speaking to local people about the election, I made a real effort (i should say fool of myself) trying to be interviewed and when I did I spoke about the housing problems for me (FTB) and that they hadn't been mentioned in the run up to the election. Excited I listened to the radio that evening and for the rest of the week and couldn't believe it when they hadn't used my interview, edited out. It doesn't fit in with BBC's election coverage I suppose.
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