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  1. Just had a long conversation with Baird & Co. and the Guy gave me some lessons on Gold which I am sure you are all aware of. He said that I should go for the 1oz Gold bars because they have the cheapest premiums than say other coins i.e Nuggets, Britannia, etc. He said that it is £14 the premium cost for the 1oz Gold bars and when it comes to selling them back they will offer me only the spot price. He said as the spot price goes up the more the profits. They still want an ID for purchases above 5K and only a name and address for anything below that. Any charts for spot price say since 9-11??? Thanks
  2. Shall I go for a 3 bars each at approx 8k or just by coins. Is there any difference between the two? With coins have to keep paying pp costs, storing, etc? Is GOLDline.com charging fair prices or is there another Aladin's Cave that I might have missed somewhere? I am thinking of going to GOLDline offices in stratford and pay cash and collect myself. Thanks.
  3. Thanks for all your replies and much need advice. What is an IFA by the way??? some info guys or website link? Thanks again What does IMHO means?
  4. I have been hearing alot about investing in Gold recently and have been reading the posts here to help me understand where to start from. I do realise now that paper money is not realiable in the long run and need to invest my spare savings into Gold and Sliver. I have £150k in spare cash that I do not need to use to buy anything with as I have a place to live and a car to drive. I really need help to from you guys as to the following: 1. How much of Gold and silver coins do I need to buy. Can I go ahead and buy 150K worth of Gold and sliver. Is this how I will preserve the value of alll of my savings? or should do I buy in some 30% of savings in Gold/Sliver? What is the best precentage do I need to invest? 2. I do not understand how only 5% of Gold investment as I have been reading here acts as insurance for the rest of my paper money saving?? 3. Is it too late to invest in Gold now and have I missed the boat altoghether as the value of Gold has peaked?? 4. Which coins do I need to buy. Reading here some suggest krungers* or Nuggets*. Should I just go for Soverigen*? 5. Which source is the best source to buy my Gold from?? I really need one place that is realiable and good value for money? 6. Can you suggest other websites or forums that explaing the whole business of investing in Gold and Silver? I do apologies for asking too many questions but I do not have anyone else that can explain to me this. Thanks alot
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