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  1. Haha so much for the crash. Some people will never be able own. Give up, and rent from people like me.
  2. It's excellent news, but probably too little too late to help. Like most property owners I'm resigned to not selling for a few years.
  3. Great fun. One tosser claiming that your 200 grand house will be worth 40% less in 5 years (!) and another claiming it'll be worth 5% more in a year.
  4. Unless you're thinking of using the train, I'd avoid the A65 like the plague - terrible in rush hour, and made worse recently by a bus lane. NW Leeds is the best area of the city, I'd try Horsforth, Cookridge, Shadwell. Avoid Yeadon which is pretty poor. One of my houses in Horsforth, small 3 bed semi built late 1950s, rents out at 650pcm. Rents are quite healthy in NW Leeds at the moment.
  5. History books written for Sun readers by publishers with no spell checkers perhaps. July 2008 - interest rates at 6%, annual API has slowed to 4%.
  6. Maybe if you stop shouting. Only kidding, I've just bought another house, my renovation project.
  7. Absolutely, there's nothing wrong with renting. People like me need plenty of renters to part with their hard earned cash forever, each month, for ever!
  8. Ah, it's moved to 2008 has it? Q1 2008? Q2 2008? What happened to Q2 2007? Wake me up when the great stagnation of 2008 has arrived.
  9. Er no, I think I'll keep my hope (and my profit from sales 1998-2006) thank you. With the annual HPI still touching 10%, with a series of minor rate rises having a minor effect, and the promise of a slowdown, and with houses in short supply still (unlike flats) I think small property developers such as myself, even resting ones, such as myself, should keep a cautious smile. I confess to getting cold feet last year, but had I kept my bottle I could have bought a small house last November, renovated it, and cleared at least 30K in the current climate - more fool me I suppose. If rates rise above 8% then things may get hairy - and I wouldn't be dealing in flats at the moment, so watch out for cheap flats in anytown soon, but your cheap semis are not happening this year people!
  10. No "they" were not. Global cooling, as the 1970s science has been retrospectively named, was never a widespread accepted science, is now shown to have been flawed, early climate science, but of course was seized on by the ignorant press, which is what you remember. "The trouble with all these forecasts is that 30 years ago they were all predicting an ice age. I can buy the fact that temperatures have risen a bit, although that could be explained by increased activity from the sun as well, but while the sea remains in the same place at every beach resort I have visited since I was a kid I remain unworried about rising sea levels."
  11. "Without us it's over"? We are without you (first time buyers) and it's not over! Seriously, the reasons to buy are as valid as ever, but of course buy at the right price. Buy a home not an investment.
  12. Maybe you should sue this website, or the amateur (very amateur) economists who've been crying "doom" too early, much too early, for some time now. The £250k property may be worth nearer £200k in a couple of years, or £100k if you want to believe the bedsit dreamers who inhabit this site (look for phrases like "great crash 2" and "already started" to spot these nerds).
  13. North Leeds decent houses are selling well; the average is just under the 250K Stamp Duty limit. I do see stormy or at least choppy waters ahead but the crap one reads here about "already started" and similar is just wishful thinking.
  14. More importantly, why do inadequates use multiple punctuation and/or capitals to attempt to emphasise a point?
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