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  1. The man is a liar. http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/standard-business/article-23662750-barclays-got-6bn-of-insurers-bailout-cash.do
  2. KABOOM!!!! you were warned
  3. You are confusing the word "fiat" with the monetary meaning of the word "fiat". Go read some books on economics.
  4. No wonder most people who come here are confused. A fiat money is a medium of exchange composed of some intrinsically valueless substance which the issuer does not promise to redeem in a commodity or a fiduciary money. http://www.rapidtrends.com/what-does-fiat-money-mean/
  5. If gold were accepted as payment of taxes and government services it would become legal tender - not fiat - in the monetary sense. Please post some sources to back up your claptrap, and don't come back with wikipedia.
  6. I'm sorry you spouted nonsense. Monetary "fiat" has no intrinsic value according to Carl E. Walsh, Professor of Economics at the University of California. What you are talking about is legal tender, which is often confused to mean "fiat". If gold were fiat, by your definition, it would have become worthless after the Nixon shock of 1971. The opposite happened. From a banking dictionary: Fiat money: coins or notes which are not worth much as paper or metal, but are said by the government to have a value and are recognised as legal tender
  7. How would the market price ratio deviate? Remember this is not a fiat monetary system.
  8. You are talking rubbish. Beijing may yet buy gold as well, although it has not done so yet. The gold share of reserves has fallen to 1pc, far below the historic norm in Asia. But if a metal-based currency ever emerges to end the reign of fiat paper, it is just as likely to be a "Copper Standard" as a "Gold Standard". http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/comment/ambroseevans_pritchard/5160120/A-Copper-Standard-for-the-worlds-currency-system.html
  9. No point going thru a futile exercise. As I said, you could peg copper to silver as well. The system we have is unstable and falling apart . There is a lot of claptrap on the internet about a world currency. We have a world currency now - it is called a fiat. This fiat is the dollar, and all other currencies are ******* children of the dollar. We need to go back Gold, Silver, and even Copper. The central banks and their paper scam is past its sell by date.
  10. because there is not enough gold unless you hypothesise that people will value it several orders of magnitude (at least) higher than we have done for the entirety of human history. Peg the ratio of silver to gold and you have more than enough metal which could be used for commercial transactions. Still not enough? Peg the ratio of silver to copper as well.
  11. While bits of worthless paper are used to buy other bits of worthless paper those with gold coins in their possession will sleep well at night. The charade of fiat monetary tokens is crashing around you. You houses are expensive because they are priced in these worthless government tokens. You bread and petrol are expensive because they are also priced in these worthless tokens. The Greeks are protesting because these tokens are no longer able to keep their standard of living up. Of course, the muppets all run around exchanging their government tokens for another government token thinking they can game the system, only to wake up to find out that token is now crashing. Case in point all those sterling holders exchanging for Euros. And....those same muppets will be rushing out now exchanging Euros for US tokens - the dollar. The cycle will repeat.
  12. You need to understand why and how house prices are being maintained by sending the currency you work for into the gutter. When inflation starts to rear its nasty head because of imported goods (like food and energy) then interest rates will have to rise, then the nominal price of houses will crash hard. The low interest rate policy by the globalists is keeping the nominal price of houses high. Without taking a step back and looking at big picture you will suckered into trap of debt. Looking at just pounds and the price of houses, because you get paid in pounds, is what they want you to do. Don't be suckered.
  13. A trip down memory lane to another island that was also full of "can't go wrong with property" suckers will teach us that we are just at the birth of our nominal house price declines. You must also remember this island managed to continue exporting their goods into a booming worldwide economy and their banking sector nursed its losses via carry trading their currency with a ZIRP policy. That island also maintained a trade surplus. The island I am talking about so far is in its 15th year of house price declines. http://www.businessinsider.com/shiller-jap...15-years-2009-6 Everyone in the UK is fooked, some are more fooked than others.
  14. Forget the timeline, you are getting poorer and poorer regardless of the nominal price of piles of crumbling bricks cemented together in rows on UK soil. The globalists have changed the rules and the suckers who are taking on massive debt in relation to earnings is going to feel like a frog boiled alive, and they will clutch at all the propaganda from the media to keep their hopes alive while their bills pile up on the kitchen table. The rules have changed when in the USA Cheney said "deficits don't matter" and when in Poodletown UK, or as Orwell would abbreviate it to Pootown, Brown said "no more boom or bust". Of course these were lies to get the suckers to pile on more debt. The rules changed because the more they send their economies into the gutter, the more the people want them to do something about it. So low and behold you have a "solution" and for Pootown it is the Euro and for its master the Amero. The people will be overjoyed by this. Of course reality is completely different. Reality is when the pound is history so will be the ability of the people of the UK to control its own economy. Iceland is a template of waging economic war with a predictable outcome. House price inflation was and always was a sideshow to get the masses of the world to embrace debt or more correctly slavery. The globalists played the greed card and the suckers swallowed it. Now we all have to pay the price.
  15. House price inflation is over and dead. Housing as an asset class in the UK is over and dead. What's next is increased taxation and higher interest rates to look forward to. The globalists have thrown everything trying to increase house prices, or more correctly debt, but it ain't happening. The best they can do is to stop the nominal prices of houses from collapsing. Anyone with a mortgage is going to feel the noose tighten - and tighten it will.
  16. You have to look at the big picture to see what is going on. If you stand back and look you will see yourself getting poorer and more reliant on the state. You don't have to own a house, but you do have to purchase food and energy, and compared to the costs of the these basic items houses have collapsed in price. Everyone on this site is a housing bull. There are no bears on this site at all. The so called bears on this site just want prices to decline so they can buy, it is a timing issue to them. I on the other hand do not and never want to own a pile of crumbling bricks anywhere in the UK. Anyway, the real issue is that the pound is being thrown in the gutter to support the globalists' agenda of slavery for the masses by way of debt.
  17. It will head back down again. 100oz for a pile of crumbling UK bricks coming your way soon.
  18. Rubbish. Executives have been rewarding themselves at the expense of the average worker. The houses these buy are detached from the crumbling pile of bricks the average person buys or rents. There is no trickle down. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-51...arder-ever.html
  19. Joseph Goebbels, Hitler's Nazi Propaganda Minister, stated that to continue to tell folks lies you must shield them from the effects of the lies. This is what you are seeing today. The price of sub-standard crumbling piles of brick has to be seen as "you can't lose" while the currency and everything else goes to shit around it. If the fail, then the key to the globalists plan of life slavery for you (debt) will be challenged. They will fail, as without jobs there will be no buying of houses, without jobs there will be no paying of ridiculous rents, without jobs everything falls apart. Those with mortgages or life time debt balls and chains, don't realize they are about to be boiled alive as wage deflation does not erode their debts, infact they make them so much worse. Of course, in typical fascist style, they are trying to socialize the suckers mortgages by stupid low interest rates, QE easing, stamp duty holidays, and so on. All this will fail. The next phase of this collapse will reduce grown men to tears.
  20. Housing has not crashed when measured in UK pounds. However, when measured against other currencies it has declined in price by at least 30%. The powers that be are propping up the nominal price of crumbling UK rabbit hutches by devaluing the currency it is measured in. Even this will fail, as without a job no one is buying, or paying rent for that matter. The globalists want you in debt, that is their plan. They have used their media machine to sucker the fools into believing that you can't go wrong with bricks and mortar. Property as an investment only works when the debt is eroded by wage inflation. There is no wage inflation, and their policy of devaluing the pound will end up sending the economy into a depression as folk cut back on buying imported non essentials as they become more expensive. Stay tuned as enter a new phase, a phase where houses will be the last thing you will be worrying about.
  21. Hannan and Cameron's speeches are both rubbish. Both speeches attack Brown and offer zero solutions. If they were in Brown's position would do exactly the same thing, as Brown is the puppet of the elite with his windmill pimping global agenda. Remember, the last credit expansion and house price crash was when the Tories were in charge. Organised opposition is necessary to give the masses some hope for the future. The only future in the UK is poverty and lots of it. The bogus deflation is just the banks stealing your interest savings. There is no deflation in food and energy - the only things that matter in the long run.
  22. I'm done. Goodbye all. The mods pandering to all the grumps has ruined this forum. Adios mi amigos. Signing off..
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