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  1. prices have dropped 16.5% according to the land registry. Thats: £25,387 per year £2,116 per month £488 per week £70 per day £3 per hour
  2. do you know what I can't wait to see kirsty n phil talk absolute rubbish Can't wait
  3. This sounds fantastic Can you please scan the newspaper and publish it here for us all to see. make me an offer week ?!!! desperation or what I wont beleave it if I dont actually see it
  4. according to the Right move index there was a 2.2% anual drop on London house price this is around £5,000 Quite a considerable drop in value and we have only just begun wait until panic sets in
  5. What you guys are forgetting is that prices are still rising at 5% per year. This is hardly a crash Prices are still going up
  6. I dont beleave these figures The landregistry must have a faulty database If these figures are true then volumes are down over 50% all over the country which is just not consistent with other reports from Halifax etc..
  7. Does any one know of a link to a chart of the historical (past 2 years) US interest rate. It seems to be climbing every month !!!
  8. I met this person at lunch today. They live in a dodgy part of London and are unemployed. Yet she was talking to me about jumping in to a BTL property!!! This person had already purchased their own home and was able to secure a mortgage based on their income support payments ??? "yeah you can lose... you just fill in this form... blah and buy a house, they always go up...blah, alreadymade £30k… blah blah" I couldn't believe what I hearing. This person is on benefits. Mortgage lending must be really slack. Of course they could have been lying but I honestly don’t think she was flabber
  9. Shares, Property, Cash There are only 3 types of investment Shares had their day and peeked in 2000, Property then took over and peeked in 2004 Its now the turn of cash. Cash will be the new investment for people to chase yield. I am very bearish about the future. I think we are heading for another black wednesday. The sky is falling down... But once the world realise that they have to pay back all this borrowed money there is going to be carnage. Cash will be King.
  10. I totaly agree with this thread Revenge of the first time buyers !!!
  11. European rates do not seem to change much uk seems to go up all the time it looks like america is now following our lead? what is the next date for the european rate? Is there presure for europe to raise rates?
  12. This guy is a right twit He states that negative equity is nothing to worry about ! does he come from Mars ? of course negative equity is something to worry about. If you get into it you will become homeless and lose you wife. There are also studies linking low sperm counts to negative equity what a tosser
  13. Why dont we all get together and start attacking home owners to get them off their land. It has worked in Zimbabwee so it could work for us here to. All we need to do is get some long poles and some tin cans and camp out on some ones drive. when they come home we just say sorry this house belongs to us now. get off our land. Basicly we would be robbing the rich to feed the poor. A bit like robin hood Whos up for it ?
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