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  1. Online the T&C are now clearer, the leaflet (ie 22/3/10 is NOT) when this was opened 10 years ago there was no charge. i Have not agreed to any such change (nor would I), other than 'by logging in' they did not make this substantial change being imposed clear. But of course they are not a charity, they are there to screw you! Or so it seems. HL do not charge an exit fee, by going on your first link, go to open an online ISA, and click on T&C, p2 in the large box does not show any. Or ring their very helpful number, a hummin bean actually answers you, not a robot. But why would anyon
  2. I was surprised to have this large EXIT charge made after transferring to another much better provider (Hargreaves Landsdown), a Stock & Shares ISA, AS CASH! I was only transferring out as as the TDW 'service' was so naff. They even seemed to be saying in their Final' letter, go on complain to the Financial Ombudsman - we don't care! Unfortunately they seem to have to pay £500 for a FOS investigation rather than rebate their £50 + vat. Had this been the only problem, I would not have bothered, but they have been nasty company to deal with all along. The charge was imposed after it was
  3. Oh dear, what IS going on? These two ETF's are going to be a huge criminal problem for our bankers as both SLV and GLD do not have the beneficial physical ownership of the metals in their inventory. In GLD, the custodians of the funds arranged for a swap with the Bank of England whereby the Bank received dollars and the GLD folk got their gold. The problem here is that the Bank can ask for their gold back at any time. There is another problem: the gold at the B. of E is not their gold but investors gold like the Arabs etc. You see, when you put gold at the B of E it is only on deposit and
  4. S'funny, all those doubters about gold not coming down don't seem to have come back. Helloooooooo? Are you there? http://www.youtube.com/user/stellaconcepts#p/u/1/Bg2EJk1AWKA This seems to get it into perspective. $20 does seem to be a realistic target for Silver before it goes up again?
  5. Franklin Sanders wrote this am: "Silver has fallen through its 20 DMA (2929c) and 50 DMA (2854c) and below here the next backstop appears at 2645c -- coincidentally my highest price target for this correction. Silver's fall is liable to turn vicious next week, so brace yourself." Gold & Silver prices I took out an Investec Gold Fund, and many others on 6/12/10 - that is down 11%. Others Funds are up 12% average gain is 3% in just over a month. So when / did you get out of Gold just in time? It may have quite a bit further to fall before it trends up again (hopefully). Where to next? $
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