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  1. Surely the government doesn't care though? No matter if the company eats the VAT increase or not they still pay the 20%?
  2. She referred to South Korea as an ally several times then had a slip up but corrected herself soon after. Quite pathetic how the left jump on these things. Check out her twitter reply complete with links to prove what a f**king idiot the current president is. Then again maybe it doesn't matter that the president thinks there are 57 states in the US.
  3. No country has the political will, the s**t will need to hit the fan for any government to bring down their deficit.
  4. As always talk is cheap. They will never deliver cuts like this while the limp wristed Lib Dems have a say.
  5. Is Nick on a collision course with what Dave is going for then? http://www.guardian.co.uk/politics/2010/jun/06/nick-clegg-cuts-coalition-cuts-thatcher
  6. I bought a 1kg koala from them, only problem I had was it was in an air tite container that allowed the coin to rattle about a bit. So there are a couple of small marks on it, actually thought about complaining but thought it maybe petty.
  7. Anyone made unemployed as a result of the downturn that has worked all their days deserves benefits until they find a new job. Anyone who never worked even through the boom years without a good reason, f**k them.
  8. Labour already tried, they just came unstuck when they tried to give all the worlds dregs a job.
  9. "The best way to help the poor is to make them uncomfortable in their poverty" - Thomas Jefferson They will eventually drag themselves out.
  10. Yeah I've had that on items sent from China and the US before where they won't release the items until I payed X amount and as you say one that arrived and I thought I'd escaped the customs charge only for a bill to arrive later. Chance you take I suppose.
  11. Is this not the reason that play.com for example deliver everything in separate packages? As said above the amount of goods ordered like this is massive, many many people will be liable for it. I always expect to be stung for charges on delivery but to get nabbed for it years later would be a major shock to the system LOL.
  12. What is the deal with this then? I've bought from sarniasilver.com before and it arrived no problems. Am I going to be getting chased to pay VAT on it later or do you mean I could have had to pay VAT on delivery like customs charges?
  13. Daniel Hannan posted an upcoming reason for Cameron to have a referendum if he so wished. I think he was basically throwing down the gauntlet to him as he doesn't think he'll do it. http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/danielhannan/100033403/there-might-be-a-euro-referendum-after-all-%E2%80%94-and-sooner-than-you-think/
  14. Hopefully the panic merchants who were on here in the last few days have bought themselves a nice £200,000 shoe box for being so stupid.
  15. The last few days in scotland the newspapers have really been pushing the idea of house prices increasing majorly next year and its really pissing me off. All this stuff about how the norths prices are catching up with the south. The way I see it if prices here are near the same as the south then everybody will move south, the main reason being that wages are much better in the south. So surely as prices drop in the south why the hell would they keep rising in the north. :angry:
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