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  1. Simple answer - work, I left London - struggled to find work in my chosen field and went back. I know many people who have done the same. You can't generalise like that about people, it is a deeply negative view and not indicitave of my experience. As for the "discuss in the London threads" idea - I thought one of the main reasons we haven't seen a UK HPC was that London was propping up the wider market.
  2. Afraid to say Ealing is the same - more if anything. Many people steaming into buy to let to cater for the masive influx of polish people. I have been gazumped 3 times this year, every house i look at gets 4 or 5 people fighting for it. There is a massive shortage of houses in London. The Brits want a family home and the investors want to split it into flats. It is pure bonkers but I feel there is loads left in the London market yet. http://www.houseprices.co.uk/e.php?q=beechcroft+w5&n=10 1 10/08/2006 £410,000 Flat L No Map 47 49 Beechcroft House, Flat 9, Park View Road, Ealing, London, Greater London, W5 2JF 2 23/12/2005 £245,000 Flat L No Map 47 49 Beechcroft House, Flat 12, Park View Road, Ealing, London, Greater London, W5 2JF Identical flats - I saw both offered 220k on 12 and gave up on the other.
  3. London faces 'housing timebomb' The average price of a London home is expected to rise to nearly £400,000 by 2011, a new study has suggested. House prices are set to increase by 34% over the next five years, said the London Housing Federation's report. The federation, which represents London's 400 housing associations, is warning of a "housing timebomb" as prices rise faster than salaries. It suggests wages are set to rise by 4.4% while house prices could rise by nearly 7% over the next five years. The average home in London costs 8.8 times the average salary, the London Housing Federation's (LHF) report said. Deteriorating picture In Camden, north London, dubbed London's least affordable borough in the study, a home costs 10.7 times the typical income. The report said buyers need an annual income of £80,000 to get a mortgage for a typical home, pricing many of them out of the market. With the city's population set to increase by 800,000 over the next decade, the situation looks set to worsen, the federation warns. "London is facing a housing timebomb," said Berwyn Kinsey, LHF head. "Londoners are increasingly left with the choice of expensive rental accommodation, living in house shares or with parents or leaving the capital altogether." New homes plan The LHF is urging the government to make housing a priority in its 2007 Comprehensive Spending Review. A spokesman for the Department for Communities and Local Government said: "The government is investing £1.7bn to help 28,000 families in London into affordable homes over the next two years. "But ultimately we need to build more social, affordable and market homes in London and elsewhere to meet the needs of our ageing and growing population with more people living alone. "That is why we have set out plans for 200,000 new homes in our four growth areas including the Thames Gateway and encouraged local areas to provide an extra 100,000 new homes across the country today." Story from BBC NEWS: http://news.bbc.co.uk/go/pr/fr/-/1/hi/engl...don/6081026.stm Published: 2006/10/25 10:22:36 GMT So there you go!
  4. It seems to be for the uk market http://money.aol.co.uk/house-prices-double...912071709990015
  5. Given that richmond may be a magnet to "some not so affluent" on a friday night, i still wondered what experience people are having with flat prices in the area. The EA's are very bullish and even though i talk the market down to them, flats go in a matter of days. Foxtons are very overpriced and still the property sells, mad. Does anyone know any buyers sellers and can help enlighten me?
  6. Hello everyone, I wondered if anyone has had any experience of price movements in Richmond. I was looking in Ealing but prices seem too high for the area, Richmond seems like a nice area and property costs around the same for a 2 bed flat. Any contributions would be great!
  7. I have noticed a spring bounce in ealing unfortunately. All the agents are very confident and properties that didn't sell last year have suddenly started selling. There is a shortage of properties at the moment and with demand outstripping supply It doesn't look good. I am a bear addicted to the HPC cause but having an agent quote me The Express headline of house prices rise £2000 in 2 weeks - no matter what i say will help, it's in print so it must be true(!x!x). One more new Ea (Dexters), Sipps has gone and FTB & investors are still piling in around here, mad. Had a few offers knocked back this year and they were only 5-10% under asking price. If they are going up 10% this year which seems like they have allready i will never be able to buy. If it is EA bravado they are good!
  8. True about the size, i just prefer houses. With flats, especially conversions a lot of them are rented out so the tennants above, below or side to side could be a problem - but you do get lots more space, security etc Good luck if you go for it.
  9. Agree - the flat is a bit over priced, should get £320k though, 320-350k is the going rate for corfton road. Also noticed anything period in the conservation area around haven green gets snapped up immediately. Roberston Smith kempson - mountfield road - 2bed terrace £350k sold in 2 days. Sinton Andrews same street - £430 k - 2 weeks! There is a small(very) cottage in haven lane with sinton andrews for 380k, better value than a flat because you own the bulding and close to a really nice pub! - its in the area you like as well! I think its back to the old location location location - definately houses in the nice streets sell qulcky, no sign of any nervousness in the market there so i will keep saving...and hoping.
  10. So everyone thinks Ealing is bad! I dont see it myself, it has good restraunts and bars and different places for different people. It also has good schools which prop the prices up. A lot of houses are selling suddenly, ones that have been around for ages are still sticking, Northfields is selling fast too, I hope its just a blip..... before a correction in prices. Again any of experiences on asking/actual prices in the area would be great.
  11. EA called me today on a house I viewed 3 months ago, on at 350k, sold but sale fallen through. Told me there was an offer on it at 320k, did I want to make an offer. I said ok 300k - we are FTB's etc and instead of discounting my offer he said he would forward it to vendor! mmmm me thinks there is no other offer and already they are discounting 30k almost 10%. Please any other experiences post on here, it will help us all
  12. If anyone else is looking in Ealing would be good to know if anyone has offered on a property and how much under the offer price they could get! We looked at another house this week and the Ea said the price was really negotioable. I think even they realise they have to come down to sell. Ea has called twice to persuade me to offer, I said property was far too much for what it was, and he said dont be frightened of a low offer. Replies would be appreciated. The more info we can get the better for everyone!
  13. Have been looking in Ealing for a year now, prices have gone up a bit but that is to accommodate lower offers. A year ago the estate agents never rang but now they call all the time! Chatting to them they all say - "the house is on for x but put in an offer, owner is realistic" They are all short of stock at the moment and not taking on stuff. Made one offer a while back, 10% under asking price, was rejected, then 2 weeks later EA called to say vendor would accept so I lowered another 10% but no joy yet!
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