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  1. My link "At the end of December 2010 general government debt was £1105.8 billion, equivalent to 76.1 per cent of GDP. " Thats the official figure. As far as I know it doesn't include bank bailouts, PFI or the BOE's other vigilant activities.
  2. Why thank you. However I detect a bit of sarcasm there. Didn't mean to be cheeky or rude for my first post. Have been a follwer of hpc.co.uk for a while. I think I first came across it when Northern Rock was imploding. Just got tired of seeing the same post over and over gain. The way he doesn't actually mention the dollar but bashes everything else and not so subtlely gestures towrd it. So annoying just made my blood boil. Argh!!!
  3. Yet another desperate dollar ramping thread by RB. Why aren't these consigned to the off topic forum like the gold ramping threads?
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