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  1. Yes, one and the same. Would you be able to drop me a line - frizzers at gmail dot ocm ?
  2. Does anyone here operate a small scale mining operation in the London area - ideally south London?
  3. gold and house prices https://moneyweek.com/uk-house-prices-gold-a-better-bet-than-uk-property/
  4. Yes. The final price on Gladstone Street is interesting. This was my template from back then - * They got it cheap, given the market at that time (2014 madness) for £910k . They're asking a lot at £1.25. * Bears have scored the first goal, with price reduction. 1-0 up. * If it gets, above £1.15 = market is ok, bulls win, 2-1. * Around £1.1 = stagnant market, but it still sold. Draw. * Closer to £1m = hard fought 2:1 victory for bears, but no pushover * Below £1m, "you'll never walk alone". London is falling. So given that it went for £998,000, I think we'll go with a 2:1 hard fought victory for the bears - which I think is about the state of the market.
  5. The globitex ico has almost completed in under 24 hours - https://www.globitexico.com/
  6. Well, you can, to an extent, with serial numbers and so on. But it will never be entirely decentralised in the way that bitcoin is. Bitcoin has tried to replicate and mimic gold's roles, and in many respects succeeded, but not all. Bitcoin now has many problems of its own - inability of the network to scale etc - which it needs to get over (and I expect it will). But the bottom line is that bitcoin, for all its many qualities, is not gold. A solution may be on its way.
  7. Until there is a proper, freely tradable goldtether token ...
  8. Some thoughts on the bitcoin bubble and when it will burst Some observers believe bitcoin is a world-changing technology. Others that it’s a speculative mania which won’t end well. Here, Dominic Frisby weighs the pros and cons of the controversial cryptocurrency. https://moneyweek.com/some-thoughts-on-the-bitcoin-bubble-and-when-it-will-burst/
  9. I remember registering and have heard nothing. I'm in London though so there wouldn't be anything anyway.
  10. BTW the nocoiner definition is not mine, it's from Urban Dictionary.
  11. nocoiner (from Urban Dictionary) A Nocoiner is a person who has no Bitcoin. Nocoiners (usually Socialists, Lawyers or MBA Economists ) are people who missed their opportunity to buy Bitcoin at a low price because they thought it was a scam, and who is now bitter at having missed out. The nocoiner takes out his or her bitterness on Bitcoin Hodlers, by constantly claiming that Bitcoin will crash, is a scam, is a bubble, or other types of easily refuted FUD. Nocoiners have little to no computer skills or imagination; even when they see the price of Bitcoin go up and its adoption spread they consider all Bitcoin users to be in a collective delusion, with only themselves as the ones who can see what is happening. This attitude comes from being steeped in the elitistpriest cultures found at Harvard, Yale and Columbia, where anyone who is not part of their clique is treated with suspicion by default. The worst nocoiners are tenured academics and goldbugs. Nocoiners believe that the world owes them everything they want because they are part of an elite; they are hysterical liars, brats, prostitutes and losers.
  12. Happy Christmas and Happy 2018 to all. Here's a 50% reduction to kickstart you new year. Have to say it looks like a mega gaffe - https://www.zoopla.co.uk/for-sale/details/45946096?search_identifier=6a5279544abab1d95a958b903f6d114b#LFyUci5baQ5QECUX.97 No matter. They can't sell it. The listed it for too much a year or so before the peak of the market, and now they're chasing it down. Listing history First listed £8,000,000 on 31st Oct 2013 Asking price changes £7,225,000 9.7% Reduced on: 13th Feb 2014 £6,500,000 10.0% Reduced on: 20th Oct 2014 £4,000,000 38.5% Reduced on: 28th Nov 2017 Read more at https://www.zoopla.co.uk/for-sale/details/45946096#QiSWFrBogb8UO6du.99
  13. Morning All, I came across this and I thought it was a good read. I don't agree with a lot of it, it fails to understand the need for a system of cash for the internet, and it ignores the glaring problems with fiat, but it is, nonetheless, a well reasoned argument against bitcoin and blockchain from someone who actually appears to know what they're talking about, rather then the usual ignorami. I think it is worth reading if only to challenge your on views. Apologies if it's been posted here before, this thread has got so busy lately (I wonder why?) that there are too many posts to read through. https://hackernoon.com/ten-years-in-nobody-has-come-up-with-a-use-case-for-blockchain-ee98c180100 I have to say over the years this thread has been one of the best sources of sensible bitcoin discussion there is. What tends to happen with good threads is that they eventually become overpopulated and then lose what was originally good about them. It happened to the cypherpunks mailing list, and it is in danger of happening here. (For that reason I would rather see it unpinned). A request to newbies and trolls: read , think, but unless you have something intelligent to add, leave it at that.
  14. MEW to bitcoin? There's an ICO for that (sort of) https://www.hip.property/
  15. Some $100,000 bitcoin port for you on this cloudy morning https://moneyweek.com/three-reasons-why-bitcoin-could-go-to-100000
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