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  1. You do have my sympathy mate The cost of dowries these days is quite outrageous, especially if the daughter is either especially ugly, or already pregnant ............or both Though I'm sure that neither of these unfortunate situations would apply to your sweet child
  2. I just tried again as well, the link takes me to the site, but then I get the error message "internet explorer can't open this site". Maybe it's solely an out of UK experience ?
  3. I couldn't get that link to work.
  4. Yer not wrong mate If the "investor" could sell the properties and realise more than he had borrowed against them, you could have bet that he would have done it. If as it seems, he has 'done a runner and left the keys with the estate agent'. it must be because there is a lot more owing on the properties, than could be recovered by selling them. With the obvious 'maneuvering going on between the lenders, it seems pretty obvious that someone is in deep du du over this. I wonder what this will do for the availability of credit for BTL portfolios ???
  5. Oh you poor sad little pr1ck Sonny, I believe that if you only expanded half of the effort you put into that post, into a job application. Then your obviously sad position might improve dramatically I believe that Alcoholics Anonymous have what they call a twelve step plan. This is aimed at helping alcoholics achieve sobriety, I believe the first step is to stand up and state my name is #### and I'm a alcoholic. Perhaps you could follow their example with your problem ? Your first step on the road to a cure, would be to stand-up and state" My name is "Smell the Fear", and I'm a sad little loser without the balls to improve my own sad position in life and I prefer to blame others for my sad state, rather than make the effort to advance myself. Though the post you just made, more than effectively, serves that purpose As I posted earlier, proudly displaying the finger you removed from your @rse is a great advance for you and I think we could count that as the second of your 'Twelve Steps' . Finding yourself a job, no matter how menial, would be a great 'Third step' Then returning to the education system to try to obtain some sort of meaningful qualification would be an ideal 'Forth Step'. I realise that this must seem like a long journey for you, though you must remember that the longest journey starts with but a single step and I am behind you all the way Don't dwell on far you have to go.... instead try to concentrate on what you have achieved already. Within days of starting your 'self improvement course', you have admitted that you are a whining loser and you have removed your finger from up your @rse Fantastic stuff "STF", now for that job.....I hear there lots of 'entry level' positions in nursing homes going begging. One of those might be just the thing for you....what with your extensive knowledge of bodily functions and all ps. The only 'problem' I have with my bodily functions is damn near pissing myself at your idiot posts.......keep up the good work sonny, laughter is the cornerstone of life
  6. OK mate, lets assume that we follow your suggestion and 'Ship out' the oldies once they reach 65.......Just how will that benefit you ? Once you have removed all the hated "boomers", from your blame equation, who will then be responsible for you not having the financial resources to purchase a house. The 'govment', the rich bastards, the LL's etc.etc. If you want a house or a flat, then buy one ! Just where is your problem ? Every day we hear stories of 'liar loans', 'lie to buy' etc. All you have to do to jump on the 'gravy train' and make even more money than they did, is to follow their example and buy a property. These rich 'boomers' did not make their 'big quid' by picking their acne spots and making bleating posts to internet forums. What they did was to get off their @rses and actually do something to improve their situation in life. A concept that seems to be increasingly strange to your generation. Though if "bleating" is all you have sonny, then all you can do is keep "bleating", and hope that you get lucky. Who knows..... one of your sad tales might soften my hardened 'boomer' heart to the extent that I send you the price of a UK 'dogbox' .......even a blind chicken has to pick-up some corn
  7. With your obvious lack of 'smarts' sonny If anyone was ever dumb enough to give you a gun, it would only result in you suffering severe pain due to the gaping hole in your foot Hino98 Old, Rich, and loving it
  8. No it's actually 120% tax and it gets worse If you sell a property for a profit in Australia, you are immediately arrested and taken in chains to the local tax office. There you are forced to sign a cheque for the full amount of the tax owing and the tax officer then stabs you in the eye with the pen. As a direct result of selling your house for a profit in Australia, you will most likely find yourself blind in one eye and living in a shoebox
  9. It beats me where all this misguided sympathy for people who refuse to repay the money they have borrowed comes from ? ! These people freely entered into agreements to obtain either, money, goods or services on the promise that they would repay the loaned amount. Now they are trying to renege on their half of the bargain, and seem to expect both support and sympathy, in their efforts to defraud the lender The old criminal class expression used to be..... "If you can't do the time, don't do the crime". Now that bailiffs can come crashing through the debtors door at any moment. Perhaps that should be changed to ..... "If you can't take the 'barge', don't do the charge"
  10. A nice comfortable year here, a nine month contract in central Australia ended just in time for Christmas and further contracts are already lined-up for next year. By having almost all of my earnings paid as "Salary Sacrifice", directly into my superannuation fund. I escaped income tax and only had to pay 15% 'contributions' tax on my entire earnings. As a result I saw the value of my 'super' fund rise substantially, while the value of houses in this area continues to fall. The Australian interest rate rises were a real bonus, and the effects are already being seen, both in the price of houses, and in the interest I receive from my cash accounts. For the first time in a long time, the 'see-saw' was definitely tipping in my direction Best of luck to all on the forum, and if the last year wasn't all you hoped it would be, then the best of luck for next year. All the best, Jim ( Hino98)
  11. "Wild Berries" ??? ....yer gotta love that term. It creates a romantic image of herds of 'free range' berries, drifting aimlessly across the vast empty ranges of the West Midlands. These berries would of course go to waste, unless some enterprising berry rustler saved them from their otherwise useless existence by putting them to good use. In reality, the "poor sad pensioner", trespassed on someone else's land, stole their fruit, and was duly cautioned for his actions......dear me, how sad, never mind. In the press 'report' is stated that the berry rustler, "had paused briefly to pick berries to make jam"...........paused briefly ??? Do you have any idea just how many berries are required to make jam ? .....or how long it would take a 'poor sad pensioner' to pick them ?? Put him in the slammer and throw the bloody key away I say ! We would never have had to endure this kind of civil unrest if we hadn't done away with hanging !
  12. Too right mate They now understand that when a prospective client comes to them with a "business' proposition, that involves the bank being asked to subsidise a ( real term ), negative yield property, who's real value is decreasing by the day. Then the bank is very likely, to tell the said 'chancer' to go feck himself
  13. So they can't afford to pay their own mortgage, but they have enough money to pay the mortgage on someone else's BTL. Let me think that one through and get back to you
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