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  1. Still better if houses werent possibly about to crash, besides bankruptcy is an easy option these days.
  2. So youve 2 choices, be financially raped by renting or be financially raped by buying. IMHO youre better off renting from the bank then a scumlord. Dont you just love England!
  3. Nothing wrong with taxpayer funded British Qangos whose alleged job it is to make housing affordable, artificially propping Irish property prices up and keeping housing unaffordable ... if property ever became affordable these parasites who are no doubt connected to the upper echelons of governement would be out of a job.
  4. To live in such a heavily taxed nation which in the last 20/30 years has slid towards becoming some kind of aggressive big brother police state is hardly freedom! A Chinese man i met recently in Yorkshire who is doing a Phd in Chemistry cant wait to return home as he believes he has more freedom in China then in England, being able to walk the streets without the fear of being attacked being one.
  5. I remember the last crash in the 90s, the apartments just down from where Tesco is in Westbourne of a similar ilk to that place were advertised at 45K. I believe those Pikey kids will be out for murdering that man soon as they were on remand for a while, it should get them lots of respect getting away with murder, i know of their families so itll not be a surprise for them to do it again.
  6. In January I returned to England after several years living in AUZ/East Europe and Thailand though i will be away every other month once work starts again. But after the hoops i am having to jump through to rent a place with the having a baby, the unbelievable amount of bureaucracy involved, the cold weather, the miserable unfriendly people and that feeling of constantly being watched that you only get in a police state ... ive decided once the contract im about to sign is finished in 6 months i am leaving for at least another 5 years when i may come back for my daughters education .... thoug
  7. So if vile regimes in the Arab world are overthrown and seemingly replaced with something more humane this is the world starting to collapse. Im thinking you need a few days away from this website.
  8. I used to sell overseas and i would tell all clients to buy in the capital city as opposed to the tourist resort when they asked where is best place to buy ... not one client believed me, prior to this i worked in the building industry and i am anything but a natural salesman but i sold shed loads of apartments i was sure it was being as honest as one can be when selling utter shite that worked in my favour. After dealing with agents here for the first time in a number of years im surprised how rude and arrogant they are when in effect theyre nothing more then jumped up hotel porters who tell
  9. Agreed another layer of govt is good way to price and regulate oneself out of business. But if all nations were free from Londons central govt i genuinely believe theyd all prosper ... especially when those Labour voting English hating Taffs and Jocks realised low taxation and minimal govt is the best thing for them. For England the Torys would be the main party by some distance thus the closet right wing of their party which i believe is the majority could flourish ... even the leftwing would have to come much further to the right to stand a chance of gaining power. Anyway itll not happen
  10. That gave me a headache all those sums of 80 million here 100 million there that the taxpayer must throw at the problem, but its good to know banks arent lending. If the commie jock stupid cu nt politicans didnt put 1 jock pound note into things and just let the market find its level then first time buyers will come into the market. I look forward to the day when this country goes begging to the IMF and all the dumfux who have voted LIBLABCON's lose their jobs, home, standard of living etc etc .. for those who voted for a true right wing party such hardship will be a punishment they dont des
  11. Id love the Scots and Welsh to go it alone, most in these nations vote Labour, some national socialist party or Libdem, thus keeping the far left in power, ... The Welsh despise the English anyway, and the Scots arent much better. England being free of this socialist infliction would be a wonderful thing ... the Welsh could have Liverpool aswell.
  12. Doesnt seem to matter which bunch of PPE graduates are running the country, I thought politics was about to get interesting and partys would slightly revert to their founding principles in this depression i couldnt have been more wrong. A referendum on the EU could be the Torys trump card for the next election ... but Dave will never play it. I see a LIBLAB coalition backed by the jock and taffy partys at the next election unless of course electoral reform whatever that is gets voted for.
  13. IMHO the last 5 years have seen the BBC completely give up caring about hiding the fact theyre extremely left wing (not that they ever tried that much) and theyre now pushing their agenda like never before on all their channels and shows. I noticed there was some other extremist "student union bar" propaganda on state sponsored channel 4 at the same time, with leftist liberal Tory's arguing with communists about the Big Society .... i just wish all political shows would be truthful about the level of debt and the fact the Govt spends 51% of GDP whilst taking the ludicrously high level of 41% G
  14. What is wrong with a 5% mortgage fixed for 10 years ... seems like a good deal to me. With regards to the Swiss Franc mortgages at 2% or there abouts to buy UK property, i enquired about these and theyre only available to those earning in CHF, unless of course you know anywhere else
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