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  1. The question I have to ask is "why?" Particularly when a caretaker at the Treasury told me that it already received a make-over when Gordon Brown was Chancellor. The difference was that the banks took the tab. Andrew
  2. Doesn't this news and HTB2 just slap the face of first time buyers. HTB1 appeared to offer first time buyers an exclusive leg-up: including a 5 year window of opportunity to prioritise repaying the 75% mortgage over the 20% equity loan. Now, HTB2 comes along and removes that offsetting assistance and opens the market to everyone. Meaning that house prices overheat again. When the government says this about HTB2: "However, you won’t be able to get a Help to Buy mortgage guarantee if you’re planning on renting out the property." How can that be proved? BTL purchases can lie and claim they change their minds anyway... Andrew
  3. Reminds me when I go to the supermarket and they ask me if I'd like cash back. I'd like to say with a smile "yes, all of it back" Andrew
  4. LOL! That's where I went wrong... When I got married I was determined not to be like a colleague who put loads of expensive John Lewis goods on his list. Just didn't feel right. Andrew
  5. I was hoping it would be a special envoy job to Syria. Andrew
  6. Then everything falls? More QE? Maybe time to invest in gold or another currency - such as RMB or Yen. Andrew
  7. I have just been chatting with someone about this at work, and they are saying it is the rating for inter-bank lending. I wonder if this means that interest rates will increase (due to increased perceived risk) between banks and then maybe to the consumer. Andrew
  8. The best thing about them was the 24hour concierge push button, which was handled by a company called Quintessentially - who organised champagne parties with llamas and unsuccessful requests to dinner date Angelina Jolie. Andrew
  9. P.S. I like the idea of an organised "house buyers strike". Andrew
  10. Time for me to finally chip in with a summary of my circumstances. I started working in 1998 after a Ph.D., employed in telecoms/IT around London and the South East UK for a fairly decent salary (not high, but not low). No bank-of-mum-and-dad and I baulk at buying a house at ludicrous multiples of income. Over the past few years I have been the sole bread winner of the family and found deposit requirements a joke, particularly in my circumstances. I am reaching 40. Also been following HPC for a while (2001?). Not only is the situation difficult for newcomers to the housing market, but I reckon there are many people like me who have been held to ransom for a long time. This country's future is being destroyed in some kind of sick joke / island-based experiment. Possibly in an attempt to make people reliant on the state, for whatever future purpose. We have seen dishonesty and greed rewarded, while well-motivated individuals having their living standards side-lined. Andrew
  11. Cameron needs to send Mrs. Doyle to Mr Clegg. "Go on go on go on go on" Far more synergies between the two parties. Vince Cable for Chancellor! Andrew
  12. How can they call themselves Directors by showing irresponsibility and putting their company share price at-risk by asking for a pay rise? Andrew
  13. Well Satander have only bought the savings side of B&B, leaving the mortgage bilge to us tax payers - so looks like they have prevented a run without exposing themselves to the bad-credit side of things. Andrew
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