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  1. Own their home outright. Would cost me about 15 times my own wage now. They bought when my Mum was 5 years older than me, and not a wage earner. Single income. Needless to say they want me to buy as soon as possible.
  2. I Knew It! Just said to my boyfriend I'll see what you guys have to say about this programme. Sure enough you didn't let me down! I spouted all the comments you've all just made.............I really should get a life. But I do love this web site.
  3. I agree, but wondered whether anyone fancied joining me to try and ask some informed questions! Sounds like there are free biscuits involved. And yes, the company is called 'inside track'. www.insidetrack.co.uk Methinks that Jim Moore is spending more time on his seminars, these days than on his property. There's been a fairly hefty schedule (of which I've missed most) in the Bristol area in the past month.
  4. I got sent this in the post the other day: Dear Friend, Are you sick of the daily grind? Tired of working hard for little reward and sick of never having enough to make ends meet? At Last there is a way out... Have you noticed how ordinary people are quietly getting wealthy through property? How even your taxi driver and window cleaner mention their 'buy-to-let flat' Ever thought "Huh? How did he manage to buy investment property?" They discovered the way out.... Have you ever felt you were being left behind> Isn't it your turn to get rich? My name is Jim Moore. Twelve years ago I was broke, toiling for a pittance, massively in debt. Etc etc...... This was followed by an Invitation to attend a Seminar where 'you will experience an exciting insight into the world of property aquisition and investment. Dates are: 11th/12th March at Bristol City Centre Marriott, 2 Lower Castle Street, Old Market, Bristol, BS1 3AD. The telephone number is 0870 0425544 to reserve a place. Anyone fancy it ha ha?
  5. Came back to Bristol the other weekend, and there seems to have been a little flurry of activity with a few more sold signs. Sorry.....things seem to be moving again, it's madness. The asking prices seem pretty static, but I have also noticed a few houses advertised with up to £10,000 knocked of the asking price and/or 'offers invited'. But no sign of things going completely belly up at the mo.
  6. I think it's got more to do with supermarkets taking over the world.
  7. Well if life is so rosey in the public sector, why don't you join them?.............. Yawn. Just a thought.
  8. I gave it a 5* as well. Noticed this was going on a couple of days ago, should have mentioned it..........Sounds like there's a few worried people out there. either 5 or 1 star reviews, i guess there's no shades of grey about this site. An it certainly seems to be making a few people sweat!
  9. Drive along (or walk for that matter) along Pembroke Road in Clifton, and you'll se a sea of for sale and to(i)let signs, barely a sold sign between them (well there's a cluster in one section of about 6 anyway!). These have been hanging around for months. I agree that around the beginning of Jan I saw a couple of sold signs go up. But for every one of these there seems to be a couple of new for sale signs. But maybe it's diferent in other areas?
  10. Wasn' there an article in a national news paper about prices acheived in Clevedon being down in 2005 by 10%? Anyone know where it was reported?
  11. I have recently raised the subject of BBC bias on news reports in their 'Points of veiw' website and discussion forum.....there is a thread there titled 'BBC news' take on property prices' or something along those lines. Anybody who also wants to have a rant and bring it up to one of the most popular threads, so that we can spread the word would be appreciated. Just type in a search for point of view, and its in the section about tv programmes. I am incredibly frustrated about the lack of balance in their opinions. Anyway.... Good luck!
  12. Your Help Is Needed! I have posted a message on the BBC website 'point of view', where you share your thoughs an opinions about BBC programs. I have had a bit of a rant about BBC news' coverage of property issues and want to keep it as one of the most talked about subjects on the discussion forum. I have posted it in the section about TV programms, and have titled it 'BBC News' take on Property prices' my user name is 'princesspac_man'. Your help to put across more points about this subject would help further the cause, and open a lot of peoples eyes to what is really happening out there! Many Thanks
  13. "all in all its approximately 11,000 staff coming into the bristol area. average salary probably between 25-30k. im surprised it hasnt had press coverage in bristol but it only went public a few days ago." I guess it only will make a difference if they decide they are going to buy something. Any first time buyers on thoose kinds of wages won't be able to afford anything much at present. If they're moving from cheaper housing areas probably won't make much difference either as still will find it difficult to move into their own property. They will only be able to buy if they are moving from a similar priced house or something more expensive. On the other hand there are job losses in the region up and coming (can't say more, fairly big employer in the region). So I guess it'll balance its self out in the end. Bristol is not a cheap place to live, so chances are they'll struggle to buy. Hope that helps you.
  14. I work in the North Somerset area, and as such have been keeping an eye on the market. There is a property up the road (clevedon) that went on the market after some property developers had had a go at it four bed terrace house £209,000. It didn't sell for months. This was reduced to £199,000, it did sell. Now the house next door has been done up (i presume by the same people as it bears similar resemblance). Went on the market again at £209,000. Do they think that people are stupid in a small town that they won't notice? Anyway, this doesn't seem to be generating much interest, so I've a feeling the price could be changing in a few weeks!
  15. Well after my last post on this thread, I can now report that my neighbours appear to have found a buyer. 'Sold subject to contract'. I agree that Clifton probably won't be affected as much as other areas of the city if/when there is a crash. I don't anticipate that I will buy there when I get around to purchasing somehthing myself, but for a professional person earning a reasonable, but not huge wage I don't feel that the balance of prices is correct, when all I could afford at present is a 1-bed flat in the worst areas of Bristol. Anyway, I wish the neighbours the best of luck. Feel a bit sorry for the person who has bought it and not done their homework on what they should be paying. A 2 bed flat can be had for £200,000 with all the amenities that they have bought. Oh well...... we sit and wait. Heard a builder saying today that the market is extremly weird at the momment, thinks people are scared of what's going to happen. Think I'm one of them.
  16. Flat near me in BS8 (2 bed with parking & shared garden) is up for sale at £249,950. Would have looked a reasonable price this time last year. It's now been a few months, and no news as yet. They say they're not going to take less than this. I wait with interest! Flat around the corner (Similar style) was 3 bed with same facilities and sold for this price, i think they might be waiting a long time. Poor s*ds bought it a couple of years ago, have spent a bit of money, and now I think they're contemplating the fact that they might not make any money on it. Fortunately I live in rented accomodation and am waiting for the bubble to pop.
  17. I live in rented accomodation in Clifton (Like anyone can really afford to buy anything there anymore). I've noticed that there are several flats in my street for sale. However the EA's haven't put up boards for whatever reason. A new build in the street has 2, two-bed flats for sale for the last 3 months. One has been slashed by 20K already (mind you it was priced at 325k in the first place). i think the pattern of not putting up for sale signs is probably fairly rife, so the number we see on the streets is not really indicative of the numbers for sale. Things have definately slowed, and more and more price reductions noticed in the evening post. Hold on there anyone thinking of buying. I believe this is the calm beofre the storm..............at last!
  18. In Launceston, thing seems to have slowed down. There are a couple of houses near my folks place which have been on the market for about 18 months or so (begs the question of 'how much are they asking?'). Does seem to prove that things are no longer flying off the shelves. I have a mate in Lostwithiel who's taken about 6 months to sell. However, that said, a relative recently sold her house in about a month at full asking price. Guess it just depends how you've priced things. Lets hope this is the calm before the storm and prices are about to plumet, I certainly can't see myself doing anything other than renting for a long time to come. personally i think more should be done about second home ownership. Don't know anyone who works in Cornwal and wants to be a first time buyer who can afford it now.
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