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  1. Now down to £162,500...........are you on course for £130,000?
  2. Hi, It's looking increasingly likely that hubby's job is going to be relocated to Loughborough some time this year as we don't fancy the prospect of redundancy in the current climate. It's more likely that I can find a new job where ever we are. I don't really know the area at all, although I do have relations in Melton Mowbray and have visited a few times in the past (can't really remember it though). Whilst we don't have kids at the momment, we are thinking about it in the next year or so. Plan of action is to rent somewhere initially (company are likely to buy our house from us here - phew) to suss the area out and then buy (I know, but with kids on the horizon we want a home) 6 -12 months down the line......don't know why I'm giving you all this detail! Basically, we don't want to raise Kids in a city, but don't want to be in the **** hole of nowhere either. I'm thinking medium sized town or a large village. It would be nice to be able to have at least a shop and school so that we can buy a pint of milk without getting in the car and driving somewhere, and that there is a bit of a 'community' feeling. Would like to be within 10-15 miles of Loughborough. Where would you suggest we start looking? Many Thanks.
  3. Or maybe I've just lost my sense of humour?
  4. So you did read this bit then? "Average pay is £17,000 with most earning less than £10,000." Maybe you earn less than £10,000? See where you're coming from then. This really is fat cat salary scale stuff. They really should be taking a pay cut to bring them in to line with the average pay of those in the private sector. Mean salary is what £24,000 these days?....wait a minute, that's more than most earn in the public sector.......can't be right? I work with home care staff at the raw end of life. They clear up incontinence, do cleaning, get people washed and dressed for the day. They are normally the first to discover ill or dead people. They deal with people with all kinds of attitudes and standards all for a pittance, taking abuse and praise in equal measure. Personally, I feel they deserve a medal.....they'd earn more working in LIDL. Appologies for the sarcasm, but uninformed comments like this make my blood boil. There are always bad eggs as there are in anything in life, please don't judge everyone. I realise that there seems to be a swell of general vilification of anyone in the public sector on this site. However, the majority of people are trying like anyone else to do the best job they can. Does that qualify as a rant? Over now.
  5. The Lib Dems have been trying to shout for a good few years about this whole financial mess.............trouble is no-one wanted to listen. You're right, the Conservatives don't have a grip on this either. The only politition I am beginning to think who 'gets it' has been Vince Cable who's been warning of problems since 2003.
  6. I'll be with you. Glad I'm not the only one who thought this was getting a bit out of order. Just because this is anonymous people think it gives them licence to be really nasty to each other. I found it all quite upsetting......and racist was probably the word I was looking for. Like you, my parents weren't from Cornish stock. I never found it a problem as they are very active in the community and acceptance wasn't a problem. And that was about 30 years ago! Ho Hum, freedom of speech and all that.
  7. What a horrible thread. I grew up in Cornwall and know of people who made the effort to become part of the community and have lived happily for years there. Yes there is a tide of resentment against second home owners who don't pay as much council tax and therefore families can't buuy in the towns and villages in which they grew up. Yes, this can be said for many other areas in England. Can't say many of my friends were hobbit look a likes either. Cornwall does have a sense of it's own identity and the people are proud. I love my home county. I am happy to share it with tourists who bring a bustle and life otherwise lacking in the county. I find the hurtful comments made on both sides of this rather extreme argument disgusting and narrow minded.
  8. Hi, I used to live in Ashley Down. It's proximity to Gloucester Road and the independent shops there is handy. Whilst it is close to St Pauls, somehow being up the top of the hill it seemed separate. I quite liked it. It had a sense of community and wasn't too posh. Culturally mixed, bit BoHo & rough around the edges. Backs on to allotments and a footpath linking to St Werburghs. As I say, I liked it. Don't know what life is like at the development you're talking about though. That is at the St Pauls end of Ashley Down. Parking was a nightmare on the road when the cricket/football was playing though. Used to give up trying and go somewhere else. Bus links into town. What the previous poster didn't mention is that it also borders Bishopston which is considered to be a haunt of yummie mummys and is quite posh. Take a look and see what you think.
  9. To be fair. Clifton is pretty much the most desirable area in Bristol. Two bed flats go for around £250,000. People have been relocating from London with a few blue chip companies over the last 5 years or so and this is where everyone (myself included) aspires to live if you're a professional person who would like a decent social life. I agree that it's a lot of money, but it sounds about par for the course for this area. At present that is!
  10. I must say in my relationship things tend to be the other way around. My chap would love to mortgage up to the hilt and has recently MEWed for some improvements on his current home. I'm the one who says that this is long term debt, things are dodgy in the housing market. Maybe it's just my family, but it's the women who are more cautious about financial risk. However, I have seen relationships split up because the male in the relationship won't buy a nest. lady leaves and buys one for herself. We women do have a nesting urge. I have been fighting it for a few years now and am desparate for a home after years of renting. But sanity has thus far won. I guess what I'm saying is that 'yes' we have a strong nesting instinct, but that there are quite a few women out there who fight this in favour of logic (Me for example).
  11. House in Clevedon has been on the market for over 6 months. Initially advertised at an un realistic £300,000 for a four bed semi with a dinky courtyard garden (Victorian terrace). It's now SSTC, however the advertised price has changed to £270,000! Not sure what the agreed sale price is.........what a shock to the system that must have been for the sellers who where trying their luck at getting all they could for so long!!!!!! Hah!
  12. I agree with Tassy. I have also wondered why people would choose to live some where as inaccesable as Cornwall when the liklihood is that their mobility is going to deteriorate. Are there any towns without stonking great hills to negotiate, coz I don't know of any? Many older people find themselves isolated, unable to access the shops, unable to use mobility scooters because the pavements are so narrow and the roads small. They are in affect unable to access all the things that drew them down there in the first place. Me.....i'd choose to live somewhere as flat and as near to shops as possible. Fair enough if you know people there and have family, but I do think this moving away when you are retired can be an extreamly isolating experience.
  13. Pah.....and my names mystic meg as well! We can all predict the future without looking at economic cycles if we have a crystal ball.
  14. QUOTE"There is one rather unpalatable truth about homeowners. I think that some of them rather like the idea that they are worth money on paper, and don't actually care (for some bizarre reason) if their next step on the ladder is further away. I know it sounds ridiculous, but the people I talk to can't seem to get it into their heads that every time they boast their house has gone up in value, they are likely to need a bigger mortgage to move up the ladder. It just doesn't get through. I remember the ridicule that Evan Davies got on a website in about 2001 for saying that most people benefit from a lower housing market. I have been trying to fathom out why they think like this - I now think that they just feel more financially secure knowing that they are "worth" a certain amount, and they think it sounds impressive that their house is "worth" more than they could seemingly save in a lifetime. Hence the Daily Express headlines every single day "House prices go up up up". It depresses me what a complete bunch of fools we really are in this country". END QUOTE. I completey agree. Was out with a mate who has just struggled to buy a 50% ownership flat. Her so called mate was talking about the area she lives in a less than celubrious part of Bristol where a new bar has opened up. She said that she was plased because house prices would go up. I was so gob smacked I laughed at her. I couldn't believe she was so unaware of the implications of what she was saying. Higher values make her feel good, even if she can't afford to move anywhere else and all her mates are having to go to these lengths to buy anything. I managed to wipe the smile off my face eventually and kept my mouth shut. In time we will be proved right.
  15. I had a similar situation in a previous flat. Flat mate had run up a huge phone bill, but it was in anybody's name who had never lived there. Fine whilst we paid bills, but when we left she refused to pay her share. I wasn't happy about it, but neither was I prepared to pay her share........never heard anything since, as the landlady was shockingly lax and I don't think she knew who was living there. Didn't have a contract with her in this instance. I wish you luck, it's not a good position to be in.
  16. Member of my family sold with no chain. They had a buyer and decided to sell even though they hadn't found a property for themselves. Moved in with family for a short while whist they looked around for something that suited them. Think people do this so that a chain isn't so important and sales get lost. Tried to pursudae them to rent for a while, but hey, they're happy now.
  17. At a pinch I could afford to buy a scuzzy flat in a scuzzy area of Bristol, but I choose not to as it's poor value for money. I worry about the risk of negative equity. I am also not prepared to extend myself beyond 3.5 x my wage, despite the fact that with my job security the banks would probably fall over themselves to offer more to me. As mentioned my income doesn't get me very far here. When I think that I am on a reasonable wage and I can't afford to buy somewhere half decent, I worry how everyone else is managing to afford these places.
  18. Worrying news from a friend the other day who is looking to buy (and sell) in Clifton. He states that things appear to have taken off again in this area. He has been to see a few places that days later have been sold. Please tell me this is a dead cat bounce or what ever it's called? Stated there are currently more punters than sellers. This is not what I am hearing from other parts of the country so I was quite shocked. Looking in an esteate agents window to check this story out, there are a load more sold sunbject to contract signs up. However, he did state that there seemed to be quite a few repossessed flats about. Some people are evidently beginning to feel the pinch. However, on the plus side I have noticed "to let" signs seem to be slow changing to "let", so there may well be a few landlords thinking about liquifying their investments. Arrgggh I am so fed up with blinking property.
  19. I suddently had a thought about the whole "doing something" aspect this evening. WOndered why I was spending so much time on this site where we mingle with lots of like minded people (With some exceptions SIITH.............ha, I like that!). Perhaps what we should be doing is mingling periodically with the likes of the channel 4 website and property forum? Might spread the word so to speak, and send some more chill down the spines of those who are continuing to bury their heads in the sand. Just a thought. Not suggesting anything nasty, just reasoned argument. Whacha think?
  20. Recently discussed with a young chap that I know who has his home on the market in North Somerset that they have been warned by his estate agents 'Haart' that he should expect a wait of up to one year or more before they can expect to sell as the market is slow, and it's the wrong time of year! Is it just me, or isn't spring THE time to sell a house historically? Seems that times they are a changing if estate agents are warning thier customers that the outlook is slow! Looks like the moveto Bristol could take llonger than expected then!
  21. Personally my experience of housin market in Cornwall is that things are sticking, certainly in the slightly larger/posher end of the market. Go home every few months and there's still the "same old, same old" signs up for sale, some are even mating with other estate agents signs. Selling like hot cakes, my ar*e! Don't know what part..............actually I do know what part of Cornwall you are talking about 'coz you mentioned it in a previous thread. I'm talking about North Cornwall as well
  22. I had had much the same thought. Maybe they all go to builders merchants to get a better deal?
  23. No they don't get paid for a day of strike. You'll be suprised by how little the average female worker actually retires on. Unfortunately these gvernment workers also include the likes of Social Services. Home care staff who work to keep the disabled at home and out of hospital and long term care. They save the tax payer a lot and give many people a higher qual;ity of life. But maybe some people on this site don't care what happens to their nan when she needs support. I do! OK things are not necessarily delivering what people want, but they go some way to giving people what they need. Rant over. Please educate yourself before you go all green eyed monster, "they've got a nice fat pension, mine is rubbish" on us. Have a little faith in your pension to rally. Don't we believe that all markets are cyclical. Your pensions will have their day again.
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