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  1. Hmm. Have been around looking. Wilmslow is a bit too far for me I think. Had a look at Bramhall which I quite liked. Looked at Heald Green and Cheadle which I didn't - no soul that I could see. Wondered about Romiley , marple (both looked quite nice) or maybe Bredbury looks like it's a good position on the map (don't know what it's like as haven't been there yet). At the momment it's between Bramhall or Romiley in our books. Thoughts appreciated on any of these places and the potential commute. Thanks, Pac-man
  2. Thanks mclassplanet, Useful insight, especially the cycle path bit. We have been driving around a bit and even at the weekend you can see potential traffic problems. We have a friend who lives in Bramhall, it does seem very expensive (which is probably why they wanted to live there!), but they wouldn't live anywhere that wasn't 'nice' so will check it out on our visits. Not against living on an estate as long as it wasn't a rough council estate. Will have more of a look around and probably ask for more local knowledge nearer the time, when we think we may have found somewhere. Exciting stuff. Cheers, Pac-man
  3. Hi all, Am new to the area and have just been offered a job in Stalybridge (Greater Manchester - Tameside) which is great news. The OH works in Macclesfield and we are now beginning to get a bit stressed trying to think where we would like to live. Have put initial feelers out Poynton (commute to Stalybridge through Stockport looks like a nightmare), Marple, Wilmslow looks reasonable on the M60, maybe cheadle hulme......... I want: Easy access to green spaces & doesn't feel too urban - think medium to largish town. Not too remote (at least able to buy a pint of milk without getting in to the car) Community feeling Not more than 30 mins commute by car to Stalybridge which I have to use for work purposes. OH wants: Easy access to trains Easy access to motorway Ability to cycle to Macclesfield (not more than about 12 miles) if possible. Doesn't have to use car as train station in Macc. Oh, and cheaper house prices would be a bonus as well! Wonder why we can't locate what we need?! Have max £270,000 to spend on 4 bed house, but don't really want to max out if we can help it. Ideas gratefully recieved. We have a good few months to think about this so can take our time looking once we have a few ideas. Think maybe there's too much choice. Cheers, Pac-Man
  4. Hi I grew up in Launceston, so feel fairly qualified to reply. Still visit regularly. It's a bit rough 'round the edges and there is poverty, particularly the Ridgegrove Coucil estate always had a bad rap. However, there is a community providing you make the effort. It's slap bang between the coast and a trip to the nearest beach at Bude takes about 30 mins. Likewise edge of Dartmoor can be acheived in a similar time. Trips to Exeter and Plymouth (Nearest bigger towns) are 45 mins by car non rush hour. Public transport is poor. There's I think twice daily buses to these cities. A lot of the locals are disparaging about the town, saying it's dead end. There's not much going on. There are weekly farmers markets ans in the past a music festival called 'castle rock' which was held on the casle green, but not sure that is going to happen again. The castle on top of the hill gives lovely views of the surrounding rolling countryside. There's one large comprehensive school serving the town and surrounding villages. It has an OK reputation and you certainly never used to have to worry about safety (eg knife crime). There are some drugs around (as there are in most places I think now a days), but I never heard of harder drugs being used. I used to trundle home on my own in the middle of night with no concerns for my safety. Everyone knows everyone. Primary Schools are: St Catherine's C of E - Used to have a good reputation, not sure about now. Has good facilities, plenty of space. Windmill County Primary - has a good reputation with the locals, no green area for sports - tend to go to the local park and leisure centre. Bit crampt. St Stephens Primary school - Catchment area is more deprived and did have a reputation for bullying. There is also St Joseph's (the Convent) which is a pubic school for boys and girls. All in all I think it was quite a good place to grow up.
  5. Absolute tosh. If you come to my local social services department jobs are already being cut. In my local department we are facing 40% cut back in front line services. I've yet to hear of any managerial positions going. This will all be currently through natural wastage as recruitment is being stopped. People are already unhappy with the wait they have to see us and I empathise with this as they are often vulnerable people. It's only going to get worse so complaints are going to increase IT support department is being outsorced to a private company (Which is obviously in it for a profit - ? Cost saving) so redundancies are happening as well. It's not a very happy time for us or for the public we are trying to serve. Management are currently clutching at straws trying to save money at all costs. The slashing has already started and it's affecting both Services AND staffing already. One area I do beleive money has been wasted is the current personalisation agenda. This means that people can be paid directly for the care that they recieve and can therefore have more choice to fund their needs in the way they see fit. Think 'chap wants to go fishing with a carer rather than going to day care with a load of people he feels he has nothing in common with'. Whilst they have to present boooks to prove that the money has been spend in the appropriate manner it is open to abuse. Social worker in another area said she was fed up with seeing claimants from her patch faking disability to get what they see as another source easy income. Details of people spending it to fund 'day care' at the local football ground, buying booze for parties (all monies claimed back I hasten to add) and also buying flat screen TV's as their social activity ( this is seen as legitimate). This is something that is VERY dear to Cameron's heart and is unlikely to change. Whilst I do agree with people having increased choice, I think tax payers money needs some degree of protection. I am also a tax payer.
  6. About 60 grand mortgage (Shared with OH). Other than that, no debt. Always pay off my credit card. I know other people of my age think I'm mad though. Don't buy anything on credit. Duh - except credit card I spose, Not sure why I use one. Guess it helps with my credit rating. My attitude to money is considered old fashioned.
  7. I know of people who were born in the council houses they still live in. Now elderly & the homes are really unsuitable for them (difficulty looking after the garden & using the stairs etc). One particular chap lives in a 3 bed semi with a large garden. Ideal for familes, but the council won't/can't force him out. This was handed down by generation above. I also know of father (Older) & daughter living in a 4 bed council house. There are families crying out for these & they are completely underoccupied. I can see the other side, because at their age moving would probably be a trauma & they know the neighbours etc so there's more to it. All the same......
  8. The towns I have mentioned have good reputations for schools (Thornbury and Portishead). However, communting into Bristol city centre by car is not fun as the traffic is dire - but I guess you already know that! I would suggest using the train if you can to get in. Also in the area is Clevedon, but a little further away. Yate is on the train line to Bristol & Chipping Sodbury is near it which seemed nice on a walk through the high street. Keynsham is also on the train line, but my impression isn't that favourable. You could also consider Nailsea which although it's a fairly new town on the whole (think 60's & 70's houses) & not that pretty, it has good transport links (M5 and a near railway station) and schools (although I don't know of thier reputation). Access to Mendips is a bonus I guess Chepstow over the bridge isn't that far away either. Housing is cheaper, but the commute more expensive as the bridge is over £5 per day alone. Those are where I would start my search anyway. Hope it's helpful.
  9. S/He's obviously wantng to commute to Callington! Some people do work there. I would agree Callington seems a bit of a nowhere Town. It's a place you drive through to get somewhere else. But can't say much more than that. The town centre seems quite small for the size of it. I know people who live near Tavistock, but choose to shop in Launceston as they feel Tavi is too snobby. It's the most gentrified of all the places you're mentioning. Green welly brigade, but very nice. Launceston is a bit rough around the edges, but the castle gives it a bit of character and there's a reasonable town centre. Depends what you want really. Tavi secondary school's reputation has slipped in recent years. Kids going to Plymouth grammar instead if they've got the option. Not sure about Launceston college. As for Liskeard, had a mate who grew up there and she turned out alright.......
  10. Ditto. I am also advised that primary schools are OK, but where we live have been advised to move before our kids need secondary. Think a lot of people either move out into smaller towns nearby eg Thornbury, Portishead etc or pay for their kids to go to public school. Secondary schools are rough. Self perpetuating problem I suppose. The area we live in is OK, sort of Filton/Horfield area. Ex-local authority property 3-bed house can be had for £120 k - £150 k. It looks a little rough, but our neighbours are on the whole great (put our bins away for us, feed the pets when we're away etc) salt of the earth types. Kids are a bit cheeky, but still muck about on their bikes in the street which I think is lovely. Might just be our road though. It's growing on me although I am naturally a bit of a snob and lived in Clifton previously.
  11. This is the link for one of the wood cabins on grand designs. This is what I want, although the couple made their own design which wasn't quite so swiss chalet in style. http://www.erlund-house.com/ If my memory serves me correctly they were managing to heat a 4 bed house and provide hot water by using x1 log burner it was so well insulated. Cost of house (excl land) again if memory seves correctly was approx £60,000 - £70,000. Guess it would depend on the exchange rate now which probably isn't in your favour.
  12. Agreed to both points. However, I don't think it's the 'done thing' for teenagers (or any kids for that matter) to share rooms these days
  13. Ha Ha . Ashamed to say it took a while for the penny to drop, but when it did there was a little snigger. Needless to say it wasn't me who wrote it.
  14. I think the point was that when they bought the house they were skint. Now they had the money to do some of the work they wanted to. At least that was my interpretation.
  15. Yes I thought the money thrown at it was tons. Surely the presenter 'Architect' could have made savings elsewhere to install a simple en-suite? Probably couldn't bring himself to go to B&Q. I thought the smiles at the end when they were drinking champagne looked a bit forced. In a way, I can understand the chaps upset. He'd forked out over £120,000 and the house still wasn't finished! Was a bit strange how they said they would 'find' the money. What.....? Did they forget the spare £50,000 they had under the sofa or something? I did think the stairs were the architects oversight.......he's human though so I guess it happens. Think he should have fessed up though as it was his mistake. Yes he is hammy. And that whole thing when he says I'm not sure whether the cheque they give me will be enough is painful. Why can't he start with a buget and then make his changes fit in with this??? Or is that too normal and wouldn't make good TV.
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