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  1. it has deff went back to for sale as the agreed board came down, but they have went and lowered the price AGAIN! £139950, 10k below RV.
  2. Went Sale agreed Thursday, today back to for sale, wonder what went wrong??
  3. im in no hurry to sell = no worries
  4. if they dont like the price = dont view, simples
  5. Thats not really fair on the vendors though, is it? BTW what area u looking at?
  6. There are some nice parts in East Belfast, Ballyhackamore, Orangefield, Orby and belmont.
  7. No, it had no offers for 8mths, as soon as i put the offer in, there was several 'higher' offers put in
  8. *UPDATE* Viewers are not long gone, and they seems really impressed, there were a few things that really swung it for her, (privacy front and back gardens)! fingers crossed!
  9. Oh dont worry, we have spend the last 4 hours scrubbing the place! Thanks for the advice
  10. You see, the last viewer that came to the house, seemed keen enough, but never heard a peep afterwards never even got feedback from the EA.
  11. Do you think I should ask the viewer if they like it and going to put an offer in?
  12. do you think the viewer has more than likely to have drove past the house before booking viewing?
  13. Hi EA phoned today, viewer coming round tomorrow evening. any tips or hints thanks!
  14. apparently the reason for this is beacuse they dont want to waste their own or the vendors time!
  15. what do u mean, regardless of the offer they wont put it foward, regardless of price
  16. viewed a house for £79,950, want to put an offer in for 72k, phoned the estates earlier (Reeds Rains) they said they will not put the offer foward until I have a mortgage offer in principal. Northern Bank have said they will not do this until I put an offer in and vendor agrees! WHAT DO I DO?
  17. thought id get your opinions on this one guys Viewed and love it, asking price £87,995 this one Phoned the EA to put an offer in for £75k, they said not to and go in at £70k, Is this a good price and do u think they will accept?
  18. I know they accepted an offer of £180K lol, then they spent more money installing gas etc, they could have bought mine and it would have saved them the trouble
  19. Looking through PN as my house is up for sale, noticed a few houses as 'Sale Agreed' but some have been like that for months! Just noticed this one is STILL listedMy link This went Sale agreed in December 2010, owners moved in late Jan! why?
  20. geeza


    In a way I know what the answer is going to be but how was sales in april? mine is still on since july!
  21. just forget it and buy my house lol
  22. What is the rateavle value, and what EA is it on with?
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