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  1. Why is that area is so cheap? That house would be easy £100k more where I am. (Yorkshire Aire Valley)
  2. Bought for £345,000 19 December 2006. http://www.houseprices.co.uk/e.php?q=48+bd17+7ej&n=10 Sold for £160,000 at recent Andrews Robertson auction on 5 June 2008. http://www.a-r.co.uk/ResultsLast.aspx - click on lot 169. I make that a loss of £185000 over just less than 18 months, over £10,000 per month, its the worst (or best!) I've found so far.
  3. Even the one taken off sale only says reserved Imagine you bought the only one sold, you wouldn't be feeling too good right now. On the positive side there would be no noisy neighbours to worry about and plenty of car parking!
  4. "EnVISION living in stylish, sophisticated apartments...right for modern living. Right for you. Designed and built to excite, The Vision will be a vibrant environment that will be the focal point of residential life in Bingley as the town centre undergoes an epic journey of reinvigoration and urban renaissance." Their words not mine. Be quick only 99 out of 100 remain for sale, I think the site is well on it's way to being finished. http://portford.co.uk/developments/availability/6
  5. Just had an offer of £105 below asking accepted, almost 30% off.
  6. There's no run on B&B, main branch in Bingley just after 9am today, absolutley no queue whatsoever.
  7. Try pushing for a larger discount, keep asking for more until they say no, unless you're embarassed by your offer then it's too much. Have just acheived £105k off a new build representing almost 30% off an asking price not out of line with recent sales and other comparables.
  8. Time to make the builders an offer? http://investing.thisismoney.co.uk/cgi-bin...tory_id=2100372 RNS Number : 3689U Barratt Developments PLC 14 May 2008  14 May 2008 Barratt Developments PLC Interim Management Statement Barratt Developments PLC (the "Group") is today publishing its Interim Management Statement covering the 19 week period from 1 January 2008. As announced with the interim results on 27 February 2008, the Group made a relatively encouraging start to the new calendar year. However, since the end of March, market conditions have deteriorated significantly as a result o
  9. http://www.londonstockexchange.com/LSECWS/...&source=RNS Regulatory Announcement Go to market news section View chart Company REDROW PLC ORD 10P TIDM RDW Headline Interim Management Statement Released 07:00 13-May-08 Number 2391U07 RNS Number : 2391U Redrow PLC 13 May 2008  Redrow plc 13 May 2008 INTERIM MANAGEMENT STATEMENT Redrow is releasing the following statement regarding current trading and its financial position, which constitutes an Interim Management Statement for the period from 1 January 2008 to 12 May 2008 as required by the UKLA's Disclosure and
  10. Bull Market from Wikipedia A bull market tends to be associated with increasing investor confidence, motivating investors to buy in anticipation of further capital gains. The longest and most famous bull market was in the 1990s when the U.S. and many other global financial markets grew at their fastest pace ever.[4] In describing financial market behavior, the largest group of market participants is often referred to, metaphorically, as a herd. This is especially relevant to participants in bull markets since bulls are herding animals. A bull market is also described as a bull run.
  11. Appreciate all the comments, this is a tough one. 25% is pretty significant and I'm not in the doomsday club, I just cannot see quality family homes in quality areas dropping by 40/50/60%. Other property types in questionable areas maybe. It's the first quality family property I've seen with such a large reduction and that's after trawling the property sites daily for years now. If it's the first of many then there's no rush to buy - only time will tell. Viewing later on....
  12. I'm a recent STR on my home, have just signed up for a rented property. Had intended to sit this out for a year or more before buying back in. Until Friday. A large family semi we had our eye on had been on right move for a while at £300,000, was 'reasonable value' compared to other properties currently on the market given it's location, size and condition etc. This property had been taken off the market and now has reappeared at £225,000, on enquiring with the agent it's a repossession, we're going to see it Monday. In my eyes a 25% reduction is pretty impressive, already it's not far of
  13. A few months back I found a link to an estate egents diary/blog which was updated weekly and was funny, truthful and anonymous. Have tried searching the site again and can't find it, anyone got a link?
  14. Yes, have a look at this link: https://www.share.com/webp/practice_account.htm
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