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  1. I can never understand the attraction of this development, this one isn’t even the front of the development , the are being clever with the photography, there is townhouses in front of this, the only really desirable townhouses in this development is the four front ones, one of them was for sale at 1.4 million, for less than 2000 sq ft, it sold in less than a week, the majority of the apartments ( which is at the back of the site) have no sea view, the back ones go for around £300-400k, ones with views £500+ the two penthouses originally sold for over one million each, I don’t think any has ev
  2. I admire their cheek😂 it’s not even the whole space it’s just the upper level
  3. There used to be a house staging program on tv, just can’t remember the name, was addicted to it, it’s going to annoy me all night now! It’s like showhouses, a clever builder will furnish a show house with top quality fittings and the house will sell like hot cakes , people imagine they will have it furnished exactly like it, an empty house will be a much harder sell.
  4. It’s beautifully staged for sale, but there’s no way I would pay £200k for it
  5. I think Air bnb will really struggle in city centres now , I have never used it but I think the prices will drop big time, a friend is a manager in one of the hotels in Belfast and she said last year between March and October they had over 99% occupancy, I havnt spoke to her since the start of August so it might have changed since then, but she said they were running around 15% occupancy , they were also nearly 25% down on price from last year.
  6. I think in the current climate it’s going to be empty for a very long time! this is a block that baffles me always has done, its more like a very posh student bedsit, the prices have fallen ( think they were £169k) ? They are really designed for people with a crazy social life who needs somewhere to sleep and yet that’s not going to be happening anytime soon
  7. the service charge for the commercial unit should be covered by the landlord and shouldn’t affect the apartments, it will either be set up at two seperate companies or the commercial unit will be paying a percentage of the overall charge dependant on floor area
  8. Just noticed a couple of apartments have come up for sale in the gallery, the shocking thing is the service charge is £1700 a year, this is a crazy amount for a tiny apartment, this is when it’s a fairly new black and virtually no repairs needing done
  9. I suppose I havnt really looked at this area very much in the last while, but about thirty years ago these houses didn’t break through the £20k barrier , they sat around £18/19k
  10. Yes my post should of said Kimberley drive, sunny side street, sorry, although it was listed earlier at £185 so they must of adjusted the price, it’s probably no more than 700sq ft, although you have a fair point , everything in the area is getting expensive
  11. Sorry folks don’t know how to tag but a tiny two bed in Kimberly street for £185000. Surely this is one of the maddest prices in Belfast
  12. Q1 transactions were a couple of percent lower than last year, there was still 4740 completions, the houses being agreed early this year didn’t actually complete until at least June , the market has been busy all year, several different mortgage broker friends say they have never been busier.
  13. The property market was very busy and prices were rising before Covid, I think with lock down people had the time to really think about their homes, the location, size, outside space etc, the stamp duty holiday is an extra bonus, long term it will all come down to jobs, I’ve said before and still think that long term people will really stay away from city centre apartment living especially with home working being so much easier, people are also spending on their homes because holidays are going to be very limited for at least a few years
  14. This one is extended, roofspace conversion and fairly decent condition, at the height of the property boom about £390k. 2007. To put it in context in 1995 you would of got it for under £70k
  15. There was four on the strand road portstewart that were on the market last year at various times all sold for over the million pound mark, all sold extremly quickly, there was two houses in portballintrae last year at £695k and £850k, I don’t know if the sold but one of them is currently getting a huge extension. A house was recently sold by Templeton Robinson in the last month or two for around a million on the ballymacrea road. Another house was sold earlier in the year further along the ballymacrea road at £750k.Two of the penthouses in the montagu portstewart were sold for £750K, there h
  16. There is several different markets in the north coast with very different price points, mainly down to view, within the portstewart, portrush, Bushmills and portballintrae area, there is some very large houses with stunning views with prices around the £700,000- £1,000,000+ mark, these are nearly all holiday homes and most are only used occasionally, there is the high end apartment developments with top of the range kitchens, bathrooms etc again all with stunning views and some of these can be very large, these can vary from £400-£700+ and again are mainly used by weekenders or retirees, very
  17. I haven't worked as an estate agent in years, this was years ago
  18. I sold the entire block, that’s how I know !
  19. the development I’ve an apartment in has two apartments with a mortgage in the entire block. Both of them are for fairly small amounts, there is 14 apartments in total, none would go for less than £400k
  20. The vast majority of the apartments and houses on the north coast have no mortgage on them, the main buyers are people who have inherited money, sold a larger house to downsize etc, this is the more expensive properties, don’t know about the cheaper properties with no views
  21. My point is demand is high, they aren’t fulfilling it
  22. This is something that is seriously frustrating , a lot of companies are keeping as many of their staff on furlough to save money, this in turn is leaving a lot of businesses running on a skeleton staff, just earlier I went out for furniture for my living room, one of the shops which due to Covid is only open from 10-3 and had one person working over 3 floors there was at least 7-8 potential customers and the girl was under serious pressure, I could of left with half the stock, another shop was only open by appointment due to Covid and the third closes at 12 on a Friday again due to Covid,the
  23. I honestly think your buying your family home, your probably going to be in it for years, enjoy it and don’t think of it as an investment, it will be yours to do whatever you want with, with renting there is no stability, you can be asked to leave at any time and you can’t do whatever you want to the house, your new home can be decorated whatever way you want, if it goes down a bit then it’s bad luck, it might also rise a bit but most importantly it’s your own home
  24. I think that there will be price rises and decreases all at the same time, I think apartments in Belfast and other towns could be badly hit as people crave some outside space, blocks that are already less desirable will seriously fall in value, at the same apartment blocks in seaside towns etc may not be as badly hit, I think houses with outside space will continue to sell well, however houses with good gardens and good locations will continue to rise in value, knowing a lot of estate agents , the majority of people are looking for bigger gardens etc. This could also damage a lot of the new ho
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