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  1. This is stunning, the current trend is anything with private outdoor space will sell if priced right, apartments and old tenements in Aberdeen will continue to fall, unfortunately city centre living is no longer desireable
  2. I sold two properties in bannermill place one in 2014, the other I think 2015 possibly 2016. They were standard two bed apartments one sold for £199k the other £220k. They are currently selling around the £140k. That’s a drop of 30-35% in 5-6 years. That’s huge especially at a time when property is selling in the uk
  3. Whilst it’s not my taste, it has had a lot of extensions and money spent on it, the side has been extended and a sunroom added to the back
  4. Portstewart is one of the most complex markets in Northern Ireland, there is a huge difference in prices just streets apart, obviously the sea views makes a huge difference but there is also a serious difference in build quality between apartments , the strand road is the most desirable , some of the current prices are ridiculous, in my humble opinion properties with direct sea views go for at least double the price of the same property with no view
  5. What’s not being taken into account in by a lot of people is that a lot of apartments have fallen in value and a lot of semis and detached have risen hugely, so although the overall rise might be an average of 7.4% some house have risen by 20+% others will have fallen a fair bit
  6. Borrowing has been quite tough for some time, although 95% mortgages are now available again for the first time in nearly a year, this will bring a flood of buyers to the market, desirable houses are currently flying of the shelves ie houses with a bit of space, city centre apartments etc are falling in price quite a bit, the winners are definitely people with a bit of garden, the other factor driving the market is people moving back to Northern Ireland, having lots of contacts in estate agents there is a lot of sales to people outside of Northern Ireland
  7. 3 already agreed, although would be like living on a motorway
  8. I appreciate you have no life outside of this site and make it your business to disagree with everyone on the site, the fact that you reply to every topic within minutes backs that up, however the fact is a lot of people are moving to Northern Ireland just now, it may not stay like this but as so many people are no longer office based they can live in cheaper places or move to be closer to family, when I sold my own house in July, it was nearly all people from outside of Northern Ireland viewing, I completed recently and had serious difficulty getting a removal company. The lads moving me said there work was mainly people relocating to Northern Ireland. No one would choose to move to belfast unless they originally came from here
  9. Bon marche looks like it could be any day unfortunately, but I think they have been in a lot of trouble for a long time
  10. It was a figure from August I think I was looking at, it’s fairly low then, unfortunately for retail I think there will be a lot more closures
  11. Some are assumptions, most definitely not wrong, a lot of people in hospitality and retail are part time, a lot of these businesses have a lot of staff on furlough the Belfast telegraph last night reported on the amount of sales coming from south of England including London, having a lot of estate agents as friends they all confirm the market is busy with sales from England, so I do in fact know a lot of sales are from people from outside of Northern Ireland , three seperate lots of friends are in the process of moving home, one from Somerset , two from London having just moved myself I had serious problems getting removal men as they were all on longer jobs, moving people from mainland uk, I had very little choice on dates
  12. These are beautiful, but they have very small plots in Bangor west, in a very over looked location, they are priced 1.5 - 2.5 million a piece, honestly can’t see how they are worth half of that
  13. There is currently around 70000 people on furlough in Northern Ireland, mainly part timers and for the most part they will be employed in retail and hospitality, I don’t think this will make a huge difference to the property market, the biggest sales are for people returning from London etc rather than local
  14. Have you found many buyers moving home from England etc, my viewers were mainly people returning home for family etc
  15. If you were going to go for one it would be number 63, top floor, no one above you, also quirky window in lounge letting in more light and it’s one of the few in the development with outside space
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