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  1. I am totally agreed on the fact that people can pay whatever they want for a house, in my experience sometimes a house can go for crazy money, the issue I have with this house is its a small house approx 1250sq ft, there is not a decent sized room in the house, it needs total renovation, its only three bedroomed, parking is extremely limited and its in an average location, yet its currently got an offer of £505k on it, this is madness, I don't know a single surveyor who would value this house anywhere close to this price.
  2. I honestly don’t know a single person who would live in a house with those kitchens and bathrooms, but we all have different standards, ravenhill Park is a fairly ordinary road with mainly old run down houses, there is far better locations round Belfast, much nicer houses on better streets for similar money and less
  3. Lol! Of course no one knows what will happen but there is currently 25-30 house being added each day, as a home owner in Aberdeen I certainly don’t want to lose the equity I currently have but I genuinely believe that houses have to become more affordable for all , to truly get the market moving, especially the starter one bed flats and the seriously over priced new builds, if property is priced right it will sell, Aberdeen is currently one of the few places in the uk that is not selling
  4. Aspc has now passed 6701 It’s bound to pass the 7000 mark in a few weeks, at this rate there will be more houses for sale than not
  5. 200k is a very conservative estimate, the house is already seriously over priced and anything spent on the house would push it so much over the ceiling price of the area, whoever buys it would have to budget carefully for bathrooms, kitchens etc, also new heating, plumbing, electrics etc a top of the range finish would double the price have relooked at the house, it is currently sitting at £500k its actually on a very narrow site, extremely limited parking and if you extend out the back the garden would be quite small
  6. to extend and refurbish the house to a high standard would be at least 200k including kitchens, bathrooms, landscaping etc, that house is no way worth £700+k
  7. unless its a builder its total madness, its a very small detached so would need a huge extension and literally the entire house rebuilt, you can buy better in cranmore for similar money
  8. Still no offers on this one, reinforcing the price Is very wrong
  9. 3 bedroomed detached house, needing total renovation, on with templeton Robinson for £395,000 current offer sitting at £490,000 think this is total madness
  10. It’s funny how fashionable ormeau and ballyhack have become, a friend lives in south parade, he paid £27k for it about 27/28 years ago, everyone thought he was mad at the time, without a doubt he did have to spend a fair bit over the years improving it but hard to believe he would get £400+k, a handful of coffee shops and restaurants and the prices go mad i cant understand people wanting a 40 year mortgage, for me mortgage is debt, I always overpaid to reduce the term, longer mortgages reduces the monthly payment and this is exactly what’s feeling the mini boom that’s happening over here at the moment
  11. I also think Aberdeen is a city with the smallest houses anywhere in the uk, there is a huge amount of one bed flats in old tenements all over Aberdeen, they are a fine first time buy but really no use to a couple or a family, what would be considered starter homes for a family, 3 bed terrace and semi detached homes are such a huge jump that they make it very hard for anyone without an oil salary to buy, much as I don’t want to lose on my own home I have to be realistic and realise the prices has to drop by a serious amount for the properties to start moving again
  12. The people who buy it will probably have two incomes, a posh car on pcp, will take an interest only mortgage out and not be able to switch the heat on in winter , I think that property is starting to get expensive again, if interest rates change at all there will be a lot of people in trouble , I think the rates will be steady for a few years but you do have to think long term. at some point in the future I hope to downsize , the equity will form part of my retirement money but I still believe people should be able to buy a house and live comfortably, I think that most houses over here are currently about fifty percent to expensive, if the property was cheaper everyone would have a much higher standard of living, a friend is a mortgage broker and he often says that most people have so many direct debits coming out of their accounts that one month without wages would have every direct debit bouncing
  13. Sorry I don’t know how to post links, this house is on with Templeton Robinson for £535,000 it’s a nice, well maintained four bedroom detached house on a reasonable sized site, only one upstairs bathroom and a downstairs toilet, just can’t help thinking it’s at least 100k to much, what does everyone else think?
  14. I agree a lot of the four bedroom houses are really the size of a three bedroomed house years ago, and the gardens are postage stamps, also families tend to have a lot more cars than twenty years ago yet there is virtually no parking
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