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    My interests are sadly limited to alarmingly fast performance motorbikes and to tall ladies, although I do have more than a passing interest in contemporary visual arts - which may or may not be a redeeming feature dependent upon your point of view. I'm also partial to all things 80s - yes, even before it was cool to do so.
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  1. And when I awoke this morning I discovered that all my belongings had been stolen - and replaced with identical copies! Son of Limahl
  2. Yep, it's a rough old World out there. I've stopped worrying about this sort of thing as the chances of falling victim are relatively low in the greater scheme of things. However, if you're in the market for more gloom then the following stories will be right up your street. 1. "A decade of database hacking and potential ID theft?" link The results of a very ‘quick and dirty’ trawl through certain internet news portals, looking for examples of database hacking, makes for unsettling reading. 2. “Robbed by radiowave” link TWENTY million Brits are at risk of having their bank details stolen
  3. I've much sympathy with your post - they don't get it at all, and so I've given up on such discussions. What's the point! That said, there may be some truth to that old saying, '...there's nothing new under the sun'. Is the domestic situation as described in 70s sitcom 'On the Buses' that different to present day? Towards the end of this series (spanning 1969-73), various central characters all end up living under one roof (with Mum) in order to make ends meet. History may not repeat, but it sure does rhyme...ear, get that bus out Butler!!! (London 2012 anyone???) Son of Limahl
  4. Interesting - thanks for posting this one Sledge. Those gifted communicators of our Post-Modern age are no doubt hinting at the impact of further reductions in both Lottery and Central Gov. funding for the Arts. However, covering up all the artwork with black shrouds would have been my course of action - that would get 'em thinking! That's a reductionists' approach don't ya know - ooh, I'm coming over all arty. Son of Limahl
  5. Yep, Volvos will be 'in', since this is a brand closely associated with notions of 'modesty', 'safety', and 'practicality' - all of which will be in tune with the UK's austerity meme. But don't bank on the XC60 as a cool contender, instead you'll want a bit of vintage V70 action - maybe their T5 model; circa 1999? Son of Liamahl
  6. First posted (pre-UK General Election): 03 January 2010 - 08:02 PM For what it's worth, my £2.50 crystal ball from Lidl says: Hung parliament - probably Santander goes wobbly/pop - probably Gold - down a bit Silver - up a bit Iraq - out Iran - in Unemployment - up a lot Activity at Poundland - up a lot Activity at Nandos - down a lot Volvo estates - in Audi TTs - out HPI - down a lot HPC membership - up a lot But whadda I know? Son of Limahl
  7. The drought story was broke yesterday on BBC Look East, with a live report from Grafham Water reservoir. The BBC reporter interviewed a spokesperson from Anglian Water whose opening comments were along the lines of,"...I realise that the reservoir behind us appears far from empty, and is infact at 95% full today...." Mmmm....
  8. ...and at just £2,500 for a non-specific inventory of stuff that will protect a family for just 15 days it is an absolute bargain!!!!
  9. Yep, three cheers for that original-thinking and gifted communicator at Arts Council England (ACE). It's as though this person remains 'box fresh' from the early '90s - when for six months in 1993, Sarah Lucas and fellow artist Tracey Emin rented a retail space in east London dubbed ‘The Shop’. From their ‘pop-up’ base they treated audiences to various aesthetic delights; ranging from printed mugs to T-shirts with slogans, and put them on sale. Can't wait for the next ACE instalment.
  10. Here's how this whole thing could play out. 1. We witness a significant shift from high-street to online retailing (here overheads are significantly reduced - lower prices result); 2. High-street retail finds it harder to compete with online providers - some shops close; 3. Savvy high-street retailers develop their online offer - here their shops become mere advertisements for on-line trading; (This is where we are now in my view.) 4. HM Treasury notices a loss of income via its non-domestic rates on high-street shops - and sets out to recoup this in some way; 5. Those businesses with a
  11. I went for a bimble on my motorcycle first thing this morning, and what a delight it was - just like New Years Day. Roads empty - bliss!
  12. I seem to recall that there was a specific 'case study' on the implementation of RFID ticketing systems across European transport infrastructures within one of the free PDF downloads at the following site (pros, cons and scope for 'hacking' cards etc, etc?) Here's the linky-link: http://www.rfidprotect.co.uk/resources.html (It escapes me as to which specific PDF download it was, but I've a feeling it's one of the later articles.) Anyway, good luck with your reading.
  13. You'll be interested in the following articles then... Abstract: BlackBerry mobile phones – implicated in erasing smart card data? Link: http://contactless.wordpress.com/2011/07/29/blackberry-mobile-phones-implicated-in-erasing-smart-card-data/ Abstract: US Passports now have foil linings – we wonder why??? Link: http://contactless.wordpress.com/2011/08/03/us-passports-now-have-foil-linings-we-wonder-why/ It seems that the 'foil-hatters' were right afterall!!!
  14. Yep, I'll second that! SAAB - truly the triumph of style over substance, and a testament to the expertise of their advertising team. If you're keen on busted intercoolers, split turbo hoses, cracked springs, and glitchy fuel pumps from a four year old car, then you'll be wanting the SAAB 93 2.2 TiD. That said the vehicle's seats are super-comfortable, and much-appreciated whilst waiting for roadside assistance to arrive! Buy a post-2004 SAAB and you'll make a new friend too - its engine management light; he'll soon become a constant companion in your life. My 'not-economical to repai
  15. Wait until they find out that the US government appears increasingly nervous about the integrity of its RFID enabled e-passports, secure access cards and 'contactless' electronic banking. (£400K will seem like peanuts.) Source: www.contactless.wordpress.com For more information on the 'anti-skimming' protective RFID shielding sleeves themselves you could try: www.rfidprotect.co.uk
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