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  1. I'm all for a collapse in London property, but why would it cause a devaluation in sterling especially?
  2. Sorry, maybe I'm missing something but did you just use the word bargain in relation to a £1.5M house?
  3. Its worth thinking about. Anyone know any UK based dollar accounts?
  4. Crings! That's a cautionary tale. Wish we saw some of those drops south of the Watford gap
  5. I salute your never-failing consistency Bruce, wish my faith was as strong I think after frigging funding for lending I'm going through a dark night of the soul. Maybe I need to make a pilgrimage to Ireland to convince myself that house price crashes do really exist, someplace.
  6. Yeah, saving now seems so 20th century, thanks to the turds who run this country.
  7. What's stopping me rising up is CCTV
  8. So the AVERAGE in london is now £374,568! Yet again I wake to find my bear nibbles have been laced with strychnine.
  9. When the london bubble finally pops they'll be blown off their toilet seats in Krakatoa.
  10. I get it- no need for plates or cutlery, you browse the roses like a giraffe
  11. Property is all that's left to tax now. I expect miliband's mansion tax to be just the start and reckon the smart money is already bailing out of london property. I think we've seen the top now.
  12. I think Westminster is the lowest in the country, top rate about £760 IIRC. You couldn't make it up.
  13. Politicians don't know what the word shame means.
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