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  1. So which one are you? And does being a stuck-up tw@t who thinks his kids are too good to mix with anyone else become tedious after a while?
  2. LOL, where did you read that, the Daily Sport? Various oil companies have been dragging themselves out to the South Atlantic for decades now, still no commercial production. If it's not viable at nearly $70 a barrel (when tar sands are) it will never be developed. Yes, they may be experts, but in what? Obviously not petro-geology. Tic-tac-toe perhaps?
  3. http://news.ft.com/cms/s/99b178e0-88e2-11d...00779e2340.html
  4. Canada (IIRC). The problem with emigrating to Canada is the jobs situation (poor). Like the UK, anywhere where there is well-paid work (Toronto, Alberta, etc) the house prices are almost as extortionate as they are here.
  5. Quote your source please. Again, source for average deposit %. So every first-time buyer is a couple? There are no stats on this and you know it. It is dangerous to assume that because the "ladder" is still standing in your tiny part of the North it remains in the rest of the country. They are not "massively skewed" by the concentration in the SE, they are an AVERAGE, substantial proportion of UK housing and population live in the South, they ARE the average, you are the outlier.
  6. MIRAS is/was unrelated to SIPPs. MIRAS was introduced in 1983 by the Thatcher government, as part of drive towards the creation of a "home-owning democracy" (and the destruction of public sector housing with the introduction of Right-To-Buy); it meant that any interest that you paid on your mortgage could be offset against your income tax bill. It was basically a handout to homeowners. People alway say "Look how much lower interest rates are now compared to the 80's, houses must be affordable", but the REAL (effective) interest rate for homebuyers during the 80's was much lower than the no
  7. What a pleasant and charming attitude you have. If most people in the UK feel like this, no wonder the country is in the state it's in. You've certainly changed your tune Fred. From ranting Judean People's Front spokesman a couple of months back to consummate Gordon Gekko-esque speculator, I suppose when one is completely without ethics or morals a consistent moral framework is beyond you.
  8. And who is going to pay for this training? Now that higher education is only for the rich in this country, and employers certainly will not pay for training which will mean you can leave them for a better job, and you can't save because your meagre salary only just covers rent and bills? Hmm, I wonder if a burger-flipper works really hard they will become head burger-flipper. Vast swathes of the UK economy are de-skilled drone-like positions (virtually every retail job for example; management has been cut savagely). Where does it end? 3 jobs? 4 jobs? FIVE jobs? There isn't enough time in
  9. Only in the UK could a television programme about paying off your mortgage make primetime evening viewing. Mad. On the other channel is "A Place In The Sun: How To Price Out The Eastern Europeans" (oops, appear to have mis-transcribed the title, it is actually "20 Best Places To Make Money"). How pissed off are the Eastern Europeans going to be? They come to the UK, work all hours doing sh1t jobs to pay for a little bungalow back home, and then go back and find the Brits have priced them out of their own country!
  10. In it's own way this laziness is worse than a deliberate conspiracy, as the big mortgage lenders and suchlike can then effectively use the paid-for news media as their own free PR channel, a mouthpiece for whatever the financial sector wants the sheep-like consumer to think. People pay for newspapers so they can get an independent opinion, if they simply want to be fed propagandist claptrap they can watch the ads on TV or believe the bumf that gets shoved through the letterbox!
  11. From that article by Joe Vialls (who is a nutcase conspiracy theorist by the way; for Gods' sake, look at the title he gave to the article! he calls peak oil a "misleading Zionist scam"; next we'll be hearing about gunmen on the grassy knoll and how aliens abducted him for their experiments): If Russia has access to this totally unlimited supply of oil why did Russian oil production FALL by 200,000 barrels per day in the last year alone? Nearly unlimited (or at least very large) "reserves" [this is a technical term which has a specific meaning in the oil industry of which Vialls seems to
  12. I'm surprised no-one else has highlighted this little morsel of news, IMO it should be pinned right at the top of the forum where everyone can see it: http://news.ft.com/cms/s/38ccf838-73e3-11d...00779e2340.html
  13. Actually I think you will find that it is your castigation of the contributors to this site as "lunatics" and "nutters" that makes people react to you in a rude and aggressive way. Your protestations are somewhat akin to a bloke who punches someone in a pub, and then is surprised when he gets punched back.
  14. Agreed (if by "work" you mean propping up the groaning housing market). This is where your post falls down. The ingrained prejudice on this forum that puts private sector jobs on a pedestal and smears ALL public sector jobs with the same blackened brush is perverse in my opinion. Which adds more value to the economy, an NHS doctor who invents a new operation to cure blindess or a private sector street cleaner? Of course, the doctor. People who were disabled and unable to contribute to the economy are enabled, allowing more growth etc. Similarly workers cannot work if they are sick/diseased,
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