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  1. surely the answer is to get more low income family kids better educated much earlier to ensure that they can meet the same standards as those kids who were lucky enough to go to private schools...recognise talent much earlier & let those kids have a better chance at achieving the entrance qualifications for top universities...like bringing back Grammar schools in all areas of the country???
  2. Spot on m8 - there is no surprise headline here at all - they will resist as long as possible any rate rises particularly as any change in their plan to raise rates before the end of 2011 is effectively a deviation from a decision they have already reached...these guys are so stubborn and pig headed they will never want to change their minds... I will keep everything crossed, but Thursday will come and go, rates will be the same & UK plc will continue to steam ahead oblivious....
  3. Area Im looking at in West Sussex is seeing some falls on a few properties which have been on market a long time, but if you ignore those the rest only appear to be increasing on this time last year. there is no significant new building, no interest rate changes & as a result I see no reason why property prices will fall in 2011. this is going to be another year of wait and see for HPCers with little or no good news stories that the crash is imminent.
  4. so reading into all the data so far, Im reading that 2010 showed price rises in the south east? Is that correct?
  5. Indeed. And the problem is that while articles like this continues, interest rates remain low, then sadly for us I see no let up in ridiculous house prices! I do have 1 question though, that affects demand - how much new housing is being built currently? Presumably it is still non-existant? If so, will only continue to fuel house price rises and not crashes that we would all so dearly love...
  6. Looks ideal for a Football Player....where are the nearest Premiership clubs?
  7. all continues to point to nothing happening anytime soon with regard to interest rates.
  8. Your wording suggests that at one time they were truthful?!
  9. I have never ever read such a load of old tosh... MPS have yet again shown their greed - join the real world - i know plenty of people who have to pay for their own rail fare into london at STANDARD FARE because they have to & they earn half what MPs do. the whole system is still completely ridiculous - I fail to see why they should be able to claim these ridiculous amounts of expenses...but we are supposed to sympathise? Fck off.
  10. There is no way that Lloyds will dump these houses onto the market - the risk of losing significantly in terms of mortgage business if house prices tumble is far too great. More likely they will sell off the whole portfolio or large parts of it at bargain basement prices...that way they reduce exposure off the bat & then leaves the buying compan(ies) in a great position where they dont need to have to sell the properties, rather manage them as a portfolio in the same way Bovine would have done, albeit much more cost effective & properly managed...
  11. ask yourself this question...if you were an employer looking to employ this person....would you take the risk of offering her a job..??! seriously she needs to extract silver spoon from anus
  12. only 3 properties listed in past 7 days in my target area (west sussex). no significant numbers in this part of sussex & brighton is a big no no for me!
  13. Why are you knocking this girl - clearly learnt that you must NEVER take responsibility for your own mistakes - its ALWAYS someone elses fault. She will fit perfectly into UK plc
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