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  1. Well well! I didn't know that. How convenient. MattLG
  2. The stock markets are still crashing around our ears and the BBC says it's picking up just cos the FTSE 100 has stabilised. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/4992930.stm The BBC is so clearly in Gordon Brown's pocket. MattLG
  3. I'm with you there ;-) I wouldn't give her job even in McDonald's though. MattLG
  4. I'd have thought lowering the interest rates to help the economy would have very little effect due to the carry trade from Japan (and even Switzerland). If the economy needs cheap money it can get it elsewhere. Private mortgages, however, come from our own interest rates. Might as well raise the rates, the negative effect on the economy would be marginal but the positive effect on the housing asset bubble might actually be enough to make a difference. MattLG
  5. It always astounds me that most people don't realise that house prices going up makes the "rungs" further apart and therefore more difficult to go up the ladder. I've even tried explaining this to a guy with a Maths PhD. I think he got it in the end. MattLG
  6. And the only people who vote for Tory Plan B are the middle england 2nd home owners. How to lose an election in one easy step. MattLG
  7. They stopped giving me the abuse when they realised I knew the statistics and the economic theory instead of just what they've read in the papers. Make sure you are aware of all the latest statistics, and understand what drives the housing market (fundamentals, that kind of thing) and you'll blow all but the most stubbornly stupid out of the water. MattLG
  8. I don't understand what the muslim boycott of Danish products is all about. Why would a country whose biggest exports are bacon and beer be bothered by a muslim boycott... :-) MattLG
  9. Get yourself educated so that you don't fall into the trap. Knowledge and education is the key to success. You don't need to be one of the lambs to the slaughter. You're half way there by realising what's happening. Now's the time to look at protecting yourself. MattLG
  10. I know how you feel. It's all just playing with words and spin. What makes me even madder is that so many people are stupid enough to swallow it without engaging their brains. MattLG
  11. Pedant mode on. He worked it out in 1957 along with the two other Treasury Secretaries at the time but he was the only one to stick to the belief afterwards. The idea was already quite well known in academic circles for a while beforehand but just like now, the government never keeps up with current economic thinking. MattLG
  12. And with all due respect, Branson has his faults but that one is so outdated its laughable. He addressed that issue a long time ago and is now quite a competent communicator. Fair enough you wouldn't give him an award for it, but without prior knowledge, you wouldn't know he'd ever had severe problems in the past just from hearing him speak. I'm not saying he's an excellent speaker and I'm not saying he's a good enough speaker to be Prime Minister (or even an MP) but his skills are orders of magnitude better than they used to be and not noticeably lacking. MattLG
  13. If the equity in your house plummets below the value borrowed on your mortgage, can a bank repossess your home? If I was a bank, I know I'd want to cover my rear under those circumstances. Too many of my friends finally realise they have no arguments against a house price crash so they just say, "Well it doesn't bother me, I'll just stay where I am until the prices go back up." MattLG
  14. "if a large enough magnetic field was created, the craft would slip into a different dimension, where the speed of light is faster" That's just wrong on so many levels. I love science for the masses, very entertaining :-) MattLG
  15. I'd also like to find out ways of doing this. I can't imagine going to a bank or an estate agent and asking for all their repossessions will get me anywhere. Maaaan they are in a bad shape! Now that you know that, you know that they will be happy with anything from £80K+. They only need their money back, anything else is profit. MattLG
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