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  1. They're not geniuses, but they are happy with the amount of risk involved. Thats pretty much what this comes down to.
  2. I'm seeing some in West Sussex coming down a little. £10k here, £10k there. Still in madness territory though. I know of a 2-bed in a 70s style council block up for £270k, bought for £175k in 2010.
  3. I've been checking out NI for a while now. The media will have you believe that everything is up this year, but the truth is that prices are mostly flat. NI use PropertyNews more than RM.
  4. I spoke to a friend at the weekend and he actually brought this up as something he wants them to do.
  5. The traders where I work are working late. The London market closes early but the european ones dont. They're half expecting something to happen once the London market is closed. Exact words about leaving early: "... but it depends on what happens with europe, if it all kicks off we'll be here longer".
  6. Could they actually do this? I mean, they would get what they want - more money pumped into the system but low inflation. What effect would raising IRs have?
  7. I take it you dont visit tfmetalsreport or Max Keiser?
  8. I think it would probably be on: Bloomberg TV
  9. I'm a Horsham boy too and totally agree with you. When I tell my parents about what a mess the country is in they call me "doom and gloom", because as far as they're concerned the good times are still rolling!
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