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  1. A quick update - we moved, we purchased prices are still stagnant.
  2. The wife and I are relocating to west cornwall after 8 years away. We have been looking at rightmove and zoopala to gauge prices in the helston, falmouth, camborne, redruth, and truro areas and are astounded. asking price of a 3 bed house in redruth is about the same as that in falmouth, truro or falmouth. We cannot work out what the hell is going on.
  3. I live just outside of Gloucester in the village of Brockworth. Its great and its cheap.
  4. Last week there was a thread on here about something big happening today. Did it happen and I missed it? or is it happening later today?
  5. Camper vans on the other hand, well the cheaper end of the market the VW's etc are rocketing in value. Especially now the sun has come out.
  6. I was bidding on an 2005 DB9 on ebay on Monday evening. £7000.01 was my highest bid ! Sadly it was withdrawn at the last moment. Truely gutted.
  7. I have been designing the process plant for the past couple of years to remove the oil from the sand. Obviously cant say too much but we have not even started testing yet so this is all a bit premature to say its kyboshed.
  8. So thats a 50% drop in total?
  9. That date is wrong by the way, I joined at the lastest in 2003, probably before that even.
  10. I held off and off as long as I could then the missus and her family broke me. I bought about 2.5 years ago. Yeah I know.
  11. I have been pondering the same thing myself, even emailed the missus yesterday about doing just that. My thoughts are, ok we know house prices have dropped in reality, but asking prices have only dropped fractionally. Should banks amazingly be able to suddenly lend money, there might be a rush to buy. People forget very quickly and suddenly house prices are back up to where we left off. Ok it will all crash back down again, but as you say this could be the last chance to STR.
  12. I think what Noel was trying to say was Please explain yourself clearly so the rest of us can understand please. What are the Ppt? that sort of thing?
  13. Is a US Billion the same as a UK billion then? A US Billion is 100 Million and a Uk Billion is 1000 Million isn’t it? Obviously ours in correct.
  14. You cannot just pick one German Co and compare with a UK Co and say bish bosh BMW is better than Rover. Ok they are! But you can also say a Aston Martin is a better car than a Fiat Punto but its not a better engineered car. Anyone can produce a prestige car but the engineering excellence is in producing a cheap car.
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