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  1. I guess the term 'meltdown' is not too far-fetched. Having said that, the article is about flats and apartments. Will this development drag houses down as well, or will there be two markets, one for houses and one for flats?
  2. I suppose this would depend on where you live?
  3. I know what you mean. I brought a couple of coins from abroad for a colleague at work. As I didn't meet him for a couple of days I carried the coins with me in my pocket all day long. It felt kind of hard to hand them over eventually. The 2007 Australian Nugget was particularly beautiful *sob*
  4. Return of the average house price to 3.5x average salary.
  5. About 25.6%. Shared house, including all bills and council tax.
  6. If this is true then the gold price has survived this selling onslaught quite well: the price is virtually unchanged from what it was three months ago, and the loss of 40$ over the last two markets seems small to me compared to last year's loss of over $100! This betrays the tremendous strength of this market IMHO! If the Swiss National Bank want to sell more gold: please do! I'm already looking forward to another buying opportunity!
  7. If you go through a Hargreaves & Lansdown Vantage ISA you get a substantial discount on most unit trusts. For plenty of them the initial 5% fee is waived. That's what I'm doing anyway.
  8. I might be misunderstanding this but I wouldn't have thought you can pay in your full ISA allowance into your A&L ISA this tax year, and then switch over to another ISA during this tax year as well. In my understanding, you can only open and pay into one ISA in one tax year.
  9. Whilst Berlin is IMHO (I visited the city last month for the first time in over 14 years) a great place to live, it has its problems. There are virtually no manufacturing jobs left. What used to be industrial sites have mostly been converted to cultural centres. They're great as there is a lot on offer to see and do but there are IIRC only about 150,000 manufacturing jobs left in Berlin. Not a lot I'd say. 200,000 manufacturing jobs were lost since the reunification! I also read in Der Spiegel that for 50% of the population the state is the main financial backer. As this number was not further elaborated on I can only assume it means Government officials, public sector workers, recipients of state benefits and, possibly, pensioners and students. I find this number staggering! On the bright side, while everybody else in Germany seems to be slaving away, the Berlin populace has breakfast. No problem finding a bar that serves breakfast until 4pm every day. Cost of living are very low, compared to say Stuttgart, let alone the UK. 24 hour public transport. Great atmosphere.
  10. Strangely enough, I thought along the same lines... Then again, I'm quite cynical...
  11. Germany has outsourced millions and millions of jobs over the last few years, probably mainly due to rationalisation and continuously modernising production equipment. At least this way essential parts of the producing industry stayed in the country.
  12. As a chemist I would avoid cling film at all costs, at least PVC cling film. Whilst not very likely, PVC may degrade and release hydrochloric acid in the process. I had an issue with the metal feet of something standing on PVC flooring because of that. Not good for corrosion at all, and hydrochloric acid can interact with silver. Polythene film should be ok I guess. I would certainly use that. Also, I would say that oil in general is probably good for excluding moisture and air. I wouldn't go as far as advising to any particular type though. Some machine type oils may have additives in them which may be pretty aggressive. Edible oils, on the other hand, may turn rancid or get oxidised, and may then be difficult to clean off. All this would depend a lot on your storage environment I guess. If it's reasonably dry then oil may not be a problem at all.
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