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  1. Steer well clear of 'Big Names' doing supposed discounts... Booked in last year due to my trusty local being full - but of course they found faults with everything they happened to specialise in... needless to say I let the MOT lapse and booked in at the trusty and those faults in their opinion were passable but gave an advisory in another area of actual importance that was missed.
  2. The TV in this house was axed long ago. The BBC news is long history as far as I'm concerned. TV licensing letters are returned to sender as I refuse to pay for such utter rubbish. Channel 4 news is the only news worth watching thanks to 4OD. It's a shame there is such a contrast between the two. Watching the beeb only raises the blood pressure.
  3. This is a superb film. Thanks for the post.
  4. It's not just the young... What about those in their early 30's and currently unemployed, and can see no future either.... the problem is endemic. Having recently had to deal with the 'Job centre' the whole process is so demoralising. I wish someone would take some direct action and burn the place to the ground. A rerun of London but focused on government buildings. It's not just me that would like to actually love to see it happen ) Viva La Revolution!
  5. Price them too high... and people will just go and use Installous et all and they'll get nada
  6. Problem is Britain is full of these kind of fukwits. The forthcoming hardship should knock them into shape... and bye goes that pension. As soon as rents fall the figures just won't add up
  7. Bet they now regret saying 'yes' to the referendum a second time... The EU now owns their asses.... for generations...
  8. 30 Years of age. Back home with dad... never owned , but have rented. Worked in healthcare for 10 years and never been above £14k a year. Gone back to college to retrain as an electrician but there are no jobs out there for a fresh City and Guilds 2330. Looks like I may have to stay working £8 an hr in a profession I'm no longer happy with. Been on the council waiting list in Poole for about 8 years and still no hope. I feel well and truly shafted by my own C-untry (no apologies for typo)
  9. You've only got to look at the Boscombe demographics... Yes - the sea front is too damned expensive but just behind it you've still got bed-sit CENTRAL. A lot of of the Bournemouth low-paid workers and Benefits sitters live just behind there... and come summer you sit on Boscombe beach and it is CHAV CENTRAL. No one from the area would CHOOSE to pay stooopid amonts to live in Boscombe.... It may be cosmopolitan, but just walking through boscombe high street you still have old second hand cruddy furniture stores... pawn your stereo stores... cash your cheque here stores... and stores you think 'how the F+-? do you even stay afloat'!! That old arcade in Boscombe is still half empty! You walk down past that ROUGH pub just opposite richer sounds at night and you get all the ROUGH lot in there that may as well come from a deprived estate on the outskirts of Liverpool. You pass god knows how many odd balls in the high street.... It really doesn't ring with the type of image they are projecting right on the sea front. Boscombe will always be Boscombe.... Its a bit tough to say it but its got that turdy element to it... try as they may to polish it. Just over the wrong side of the high street you've got the packed terraces with still a lot of a 'rougher' families all mixed in with the odd smack head here and there above an amusement arcade... The Crescent and walpole road with a reputation that still hasn't cleared. Any local knows where the cheaper more affordable shoe boxes to live in are in Bournemouth - from Asda thru springbourne right up to north Boscombe. Any surfers will make sure their combi van is well locked... oh wait a minute there is no where to park... the council sold off the parking for another development! In all seriousness .... why spend £600k in Boscombe when you can live in Alum chine or the west cliff - or come to think of it Bransome park. Who would seriously even trust a luxury expensive car in Boscombe out of a locked garage... It would always be at the back of your mind it might be keyed!! anyone from the area knows I'm right! ;o)
  10. Yup.... option 2. Half a year now in Western Australia. For nostalgia value looking back at HPC.... the addiction is still there to look back as something has to give back in the homeland.... It is clearly getting worse and something will give eventually. So many unhappy people crammed into such density. Such an unhealthy way to live. People have much better quality lives in so many other countries outside of the UK and its a shame so many youngsters don't realise this. I have now had the opportunity to go to Western Australia as a 26 yr old and now feel really settled over here - whole new life in the sunshine. Resource rich economy that is booming, and yes HPI has risen its very very ugly head here too although rental is so much more affordable!!! We're not screwed like we are in the UK. Petrol is almost HALF the price and not so tied to a crumbling America. I currently have a life most 26 year olds can only dream about in the UK. Aussies over here don't realise how good they've got it and neither do most brits! It's something that should I come back to the UK will always take with me in comparison to how mediocre Britain has become in so many ways as a place
  11. No plans to return back to the UK now I'm over in Western Australia. Being sponsored by the organisation I'm working for. I rent half a large four bedroom house in Perth with a huge garden for 35 pounds a week - no council tax here for renting. Looking back to the UK now, its an awful place in comparison for so many reasons. I don't know why other youngsters don't follow suit and evacuate the sinking ship of UK plc if they've got skills other countries need and want. They can offer so much more than a mediocre survival existence. Good riddance.......! hello sunshine BBQ's friendly people, superb beer and wine and quality of life! Loving it people and not looking back....... (although I still touch base with whats going on back home and MY GOD hasn't it turned even more in the press.....)
  12. I am voting with my feet... I've got my 1 year working holiday visa to Australia - possibly two years... and I don't plan to come back. If all these south american and illegal immigrants can do it here... I can certainly bu88er off and not come back from over there... Flying Monday 09/11. Goodbye UK and no looking back!! 26 year old, Healthcare worker. I have loved this site and followed it for approx three years. I believe there is no future for those under 30 in the UK unless you are in the welfare class. RFD.. I love your writing, you tell it like it is.
  13. I'd swap their housing association bungalow in a nice area for my studio in a rougher area... Like for like price! It is indeed a debate in itself that the not so self sufficient should be given a lifestyle and standard of living better than hard working nurses and carers, teachers and so on. Currently those who do manage to get hold of a council or housing association property are not subject to the same levels of rent and extortion as those who are in the private rented sector. Compared to the hovel I live in, her free hovel sounds more attractive on my wage! Its not a case of swapping places with them... its a question of what is provided for them and can it be justified in the greater scheme of things. Yes, It can be justified but the problem is that standard of living and cost of living has now become a huge covered up issue for everyone else... while the welfare scream 'this is my entitlement'! why aren't we shouting 'where is my entitlement of a decent roof over head at a sensible price!!!!'
  14. I can agree... I look after a young disabled couple. I don't earn a huge wage as a carer and can just about afford a very small studio in Bournemouth - I work hard to enable me to survive. The couple I look after have a very spacious housing association two bed bungalow at a sensible rent that equates to what I pay for my studio! They receive full housing benefit for their flat, a whole array of disability living allowance that equates to more than my own weekly wage - and that's each, separately! Add onto that zero council tax. Their care bill is covered in its entirety by social services - well into £100k a year. They can go out and buy what they like and have no money worries at all. They travel where they want in their own brand new van escorted by carers. They have surplus amounts each month, although they do have to buy certain equipment that costs quite a sum. The welfare class live better than todays low earners and certainly better than most middle class. I agree that we as a society must look after our vunerable, but a certain number enjoy living standards now better than most people - certainly the pair I look after - courtesy of tax payers!
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