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  1. Can anyone suggest a British bank for a Euro account? What is the best way to change Sterling into Euros? Is it possible to have a Yen account based in UK with a Japanese bank?
  2. Surely we will see deflation? Is a credit crunch not a deflationary event in itself?
  3. Darling was very keen to inform people that they do not need to change their bank account etc. I wonder whether this loss of benefit details in itself might pose a risk to the UK banking system? We know that many banks are very short of liquidity. If only a tiny proportion of the millions affected closed their old accounts and opened new accounts then I wonder whether this could precipitate a similar effect to a "run on the bank"? Perhaps it might tip a few institutions over the edge?
  4. The Eastern Daily Press property section (out on Fridays) keeps on getting bigger and bigger. For the last few weeks there has been an ever increasing number of red signs with "new price", "price reduced" etc Today was the first time that I have seen a full-page advertisement of properties that have all had their prices reduced, showing the original and new prices. This is not a sign of a normal housing market.
  5. I think there was a section in the Sunday Times on the front page of the monet section which mentions selling to rent as a strategy to avoid any property downturn. I think this is the first time I have noticed a major paper telling people to STR - surely a watershed?
  6. What are the implications of this change of approach for the man in the street?
  7. For those who don't want to fiddle around with numerous accounts you could open an NSI savings account. For over 50K pays over 5% gross and totally safe.
  8. "mainly providing software for hedge fund groups" Is that quant fund software?
  9. Looking at the Eastern Daily Press property supplement of Friday over the last few weeks and the number of properties coming on has been massive, particularly larger properties with 4 beds plus and a bit of land etc
  10. If you want total security for your savings you could open an easy access account with NSI, but the interest is paid gross so you have to declare it for tax. The rates are not great but it is 100% guaranteed, like their premium bonds, index linked savings certs etc
  11. This cloud has a silver lining. As others have pointed out, falls in the pound mean that we will be now paying more for oil and Chinese imports. This will have to feed back into the figures and will bring CPI up again. Given the criticism that the BOE received for the bad call on the cut in August 05 I dooubt they will be rushing to cut this time.
  12. What is the best UK non-internet account with instant access? (with/without cashcard).
  13. The EDP (Eastern Daily Press) property section last week was huge. Mostly Norfolk and Suffolk. A real glut of unattractive properties is building up. For pretty, but overpriced, properties there is always someone moving in from outside who does not know the market and ends up paying over the odds - but there are thousands of overpriced 50's/ 60's/ 70's bungalows which no-one is interested in.
  14. Italy is great if you want a holiday home. There are strong local markets in some areas. Perhaps Ligurian coast flying to Genova, or on the other side near Ancona. If you want a city try Lucca. None of these places are cheap though.
  15. Calabria has good beaches and affordable interesting old houses and villages. BUT right now it is 44 degrees - which is too hot. The reason it is cheap is that few Italians from outside Calabria have places there. The money from the north, Turin, Milan, Modena - those people all go to la Spezia, Cinqueterre etc or on the other side near Ancona. This I think is the main difference with Calabria - many areas in Italy are sought after by Italians and foreigners alike, ie Lucca, Asti, the lakes, Tuscany, etc. When you buy somewhere like Calabria you need to make sure that you are not getting ripped off. About a year ago I viewed an old house near Pontremoli (edge of Tuscany). It was on with 2 different agents and one of them had it on at 50K more than the other. Caveat emptor. Remember that there is not much of a culture of property speculation in Italy and I think that it is best to buy in an area that is supported by interest from Italians themselves.
  16. Ok Lewis, sensible question. I trade in small, postable antiques sold by catalogue and internet. This makes Italy a big no as the postal service there is a disaster and they are tight on import/export of antique goods. I would have to return to the UK about once a month.
  17. This is truly disgusting. Labour is to blame for allowing all these slobs to scrounge on benefits while the tax burden gets higher and higher.
  18. Can we get a thread going on places worth moving to from the UK? I have thought about moving to northern Italy (Piemonte) - it is affordable, not too hot, good food, beautiful countryside etc. Then I remember that I have had the same thought one thousand times and it always ends in the same way - with me realising that I cannot run a business there because of the ridiculous tax and beaurocracy. The same goes for France. Can someone put forward some European places that you can enjoy good weather and cheaper property AND run a business from?
  19. Has anyone opened a Sainsbury's Internet Saver account? Thay are advertising 6%AER
  20. On the flip side of the coin, in the UK a non-dom spouse does not qualify for wholly tax free inheritance of their domiciled spouse's estate. The tax free limit in this situation I think is 55K and the rest is taxed.
  21. Saw an ad on the tube today for BTL hotel rooms. It advertised BTL hotel rooms as a no hassle BTL option - starting from 275K you buy your own hotel room and get a guaranteed yield and a certain amount of free days per year. Surely this is a sign of a bubble?
  22. In the newspaper headlines section at the end of Newsnight tonight there was a great juxtaposition of two headlines, the Mail had something like HOUSE PRICE BOOM OVER, while another paper, I did not catch which one, had something like HOUSE PRICES STILL SOARING. Seems like there is a bit of confusion ...
  23. Watch out for the mafia, spicy food and super-strength wines.
  24. Well I watched the Newsnight feature on house prices. What a load of rubbish. What a low-brow debate. A bit like watching a group of Dutchmen sitting around in the seventeenth century discussing how tulip prices could never fall.
  25. A few anecdotals from Norfolk. Have been keeping a beady eye on Norfolk over the last 6 months. This week went to view a 4 bed victorian semi in a north Norfolk market town. Sellers had bought the place for 235K 6 months ago, put a new kitchen in and tidied up the garden. Now on at 315k. Insane. In same town viewed a nice small period cottage. Had been rented out. Spoke to owner and he said he was selling up due to rising costs. This is the first definite sign I have seen of BTLs being sold off because of IR rises etc. The number of properties on the market is also certainly building up.
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