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  1. I think it would be very difficult, its so built into people that you must buy. My girlfriend and I live in a Rented Flat in the UK, soon we will move to australia where house prices are much worse than here, most expensive in the english speaking world. Renting is much much cheaper per month than ownership as for tax purposes landlords benefits by offsetting the losses against their wages or other income. Anyway my girlfriend is still insistant she wants to buy straight away, instead of renting for a few years and waiting for the expected price drop, prices dont have room to rise much furt
  2. Anyone know the latest state of the market for Birmingham City Centre flats, We currently rent a flat in the Orion building, right by new st station, rent is 650 a month for a one bedroom plus study. Thinking of buying something but not sure what a fare (not inflated price would be). If you check nethouseprices there have been 2 sales of 1 bedrooms for very cheap £56,000 and £64,000 in 2010 but all I can find at estate agents are one beds for about 100,000 and two beds for 120,000. If we could pick one of these up for £70,000 or something it would be much cheaper than renting... Anyone any ide
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